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Arsha Vidya Satsanga in Sugar Land Supports Reputed KSRI Sanskrit Institute in Chennai

By Partha R. Sarathy

HOUSTON: While the ancient language of Sanskrit is witnessing a modern-day revival with its use in Artificial Intelligence recommended by a NASA researcher amidst burgeoning numbers of Sanskrit students in American universities and schools, there is a growing circle of Houstonian Sanskrit-lovers who are determined to play a decisive role in bolstering the prodigious efforts of a Sanskrit Institute in faraway Chennai. Their passion and commitment were palpable at a recent presentation in Sugar Land by Dr. Sita Sundar Ram of Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute (KSRI), to an interested audience of Arsha Vidya Satsanga (AVS) devotees, on the Institute’s remarkable contribution and plans to preserve its treasures of ancient knowledge and culture for future generations.

With its vision to re-establish the cultural self-identity of Sanatana Dharma, AVS aims to help KSRI’s growth via ideas and tangible support with an ongoing fundraising campaign, that has raised $3000 so far with the likelihood of additional support from Sanskrit-premis in Houston.

In her lucid presentation, Dr. Sita explained that, since 1945, KSRI is highly respected for its impressive library and research work, awarding graduate degrees, and recognized as Adarsha Shodh Samstha (Ideal Research Institute) by India Government. KSRI is sustained principally by ad-hoc financial assistance from philanthropists from India and the USA, plus non-regular Government grants.  (See: )

Research, Library and Publications

Current KSRI research activities include Literature, Language, Grammar, Yoga, Psychology, Law and Jurisprudence, Philosophy, etc..  A recent example is the book publication “Bijapallava of Krsna Daivajna – A critical study”, resulting from the highly commended doctorate research study of a 16th century algebra text in Sanskrit.  Sanskrit Literature offers abundant material for new research avenues, like Women’s Legal Rights in ancient Dharmashastra texts, Dream Motif, Nephology (scientific study of clouds), Chaturyuga calendar, Svarodaya (breath control) science, Town Planning, etc..

KSRI has also hosted scholars from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia; organized over 300 lectures and several national/international seminars/conferences; and will conduct Sanskrit classes for Oslo University graduate students on alternate semesters.

The commitment of a small, dedicated staff has enabled concurrent doctoral research by upto 24 scholars, plus the strong reputation of its library for its impressive, and growing, collection of 50,000 books, research journals and periodicals related to Sanskrit and Indological studies.  The Institutes also maintains an large collection of ancient palm-leaf manuscripts on music and dance written in Grantha, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Nandinagari and Devanagari – containing material on Vedas, Epics, Shrauta Sutras, Dharma Sutras, Philosophy, and Literature.

Uniquely embodying the personal collections of great savants such as Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, the library’s Indology collection, continuously growing, is in Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and European languages – on Dance and Music, Epigraphy, Ethics, Law, Language and Literature, Philosophy and Ayurveda.   KSRI publishes the internationally renowned Journal of Oriental Research, and over 100 books/monographs on Indology.


KSRI has a new thrust to foster robust development in the 21st century, with several additional projects.   Using a two-pronged approach, the Management Committee drives to assure a corpus of funds to sustain current-level activities and, second, to raise the level of awareness to garner support for enhanced research and development activities, such as maha-kavyas.  Identified projects may be sponsored on an individual basis.

Our literature helps us not so much to know our world but to know ourselves. Sanskrit is the language which contributed to our philosophy and enhancement, helps us form and retain our value system in our approach to life; it is our link between this world and a higher world, glimpses of which we see and experience from time to time.

For more information, call AVS at 28-403-9887 or email

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