Athmashanthi Pooja at Sri Meenakshi Temple for Women Victims Around the World

PEARLAND: A special Athmashanthi Pooja and prayer service was conducted on Sunday, January 6 at 4pm at the Sri Meenakshi Temple to stop violence against women victims. The service started with a traditional arthi for Siva, Meenakshi and Venkateshwara followed by prayer by the priests. Several members of the community attended this event.

Tupil Narasiman, MTS Chairman gave the opening remarks. P. Vaduganathan, Vice-chairman, Lakshmi Parameswaran, representing the organization Daya, Sonal Butcher, Sam Kannappan, Venugopal Menon, Vatsa Kumar and several members of the local community spoke passionately and condemmed violence against women. The event concluded with bajans by members of Namadwar.

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