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Essay Contest for Texas High School Seniors

The Tagore Society of Houston, a non profit 501-C3 organization, invites 2011 Texas High School Seniors to its annual essay contest focused on the philosophy and works of the great Indian Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore. This year’s contest is especially important as it commemorates the 150th Birth Anniversary of Tagore.

Ramineni’s Entice with Spice Wins Coveted Cookbook Award

HOUSTON: Authoress Shubhra Ramineni’s Entice with Spice, Easy Indian Recipes for Busy People, has been awarded the 2010 Gourmand World Cookbook Award for “Best Indian Cuisine Book” in the US. Now it is in the running for “Best in the World” for the most popular Indian cookbook in the world.

Rising Star: A Profile of Soham Mehta

HOUSTON: Soham Mehta is a young visionary whose star is on the rise. Already an accomplished writer and director, this humble, soft-spoken artist now adds award-winning filmmaker to his resume.

Samrakshana Fundraiser Ensures Enduring Legacy of MTS

HOUSTON: When the shrine for Lord Ganesh was consecrated with great reverence in August 1979, devotees who took turns performing the daily poojas harbored cherished hopes that the hallowed land would someday be the abode to all the deities in the Hindu pantheon. Over three decades later and through the dedicated efforts of those visionaries, the Sri Meenakshi Temple Society (MTS) is today a regal presence in the heart of Pearland.

The Eavesdropping Mishap

HOUSTON: Nozer Buchia has been writing, directing and acting in plays for over 25 years under the banner of Nozer Buchia Productions. The latest play to release on stage is “Vari Baanna Paachhal Thi” (loosely translated, “Oh, you’ve been standing behind the door and listening to gossip once again.”) is sure to please anyone with a humorous vein.

LLadro’s Premier Piece Captures Divine Love of Radha-Krishna

HOUSTON: Vicente Lladro, the famous porcelain figurine artist from Valencia, Spain, is releasing Divine Love, a limited edition of 2000 pieces worldwide. It measures 12” x 10”. The artist drew his inspiration for the piece from the Hindu literary and artistic traditions staying true to the nature of Indian art, mainly the drawings and etchings depicted in traditional Indian folk stories.

Anjali’s Anniversary Celebrated with the Colors of Life

HOUSTON: The Anjali Center for Performing Arts celebrated its 35th Anniversary with the premiere of Navarasa, The Colors of Life, at the Kaplan Theater, Jewish Community Center on November 20, 2010. The dance production, conceptualized and choreographed by Anjali’s Founder/Artistic Director Dr. Rathna Kumar, featured performances by Anjali students and faculty, interspersed with recitals by several guest artistes.

Nal & Damyanti: A True Story from Our Rich Heritage

Houston: JVB Preksha Meditation Center presented its 4th mega play, ww on November 13 to a packed house of 1,200 people at the Cullen Performance Hall at the University of Houston Main Campus. The play also marked the 1st Annual Day of its new facilities on 14102 Schiller Rd.

Music Ushers in Kaisika Dwadasi at Sri Meenakshi Temple

HOUSTON: The elaborately adorned gods Lord Vishnu and Lord Sundareswara and their divine consorts illuminated by tiers of glimmering lamps, listened as 108 musicians in melodious harmony sang their praises on the auspicious occasion of Kaisika Dwadasi. The Utsavam, or festival, that typically falls on the 12th day of the waxing moon during the Kaarthika month of November/December, was held on November 18 at the Sri Meenakshi Temple Society (MTS) Kalyana Mandapam.

Rama Vaidyanathan’s Dance Recital Steeped in Bhakti and Artistry

HOUSTON: Oftentimes perfection defies description; eminent Bharathanatyam dancer Rama Vaidyanathan’s recital Akhilam Madhuram was such. Replete with bhakti, magical choreography, captivating abhinaya, and charismatic grace, her performance at the Jewish Community Center on November 21, 2010, held a capacity audience of art lovers intoxicated by her arrant maverick footprint on the landscape of the arts.

JVB Preksha Presents Epic Play with Stunning Visuals

HOUSTON: I first heard about the epic story of Nal-Damayanti while resting as a child in the lap of my grandmother. The story came alive in living colors at the stage performance presented last Saturday night at the UH Cullen Auditorium.

Star Pipe Products Diwali Celebration Observed with Decorations, Diyas, Diverse Dishes

HOUSTON: There’s nothing like a good festive occasion to inspire creativity. Star Pipe Products, global manufacturer and supplier for a broad range of pipe fittings for water and waste water industry, celebrated Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, with spirited verve this year with employees outdoing themselves in creating a pitch-perfect ambiance of colorful conviviality at the local company headquarters located in the southwest side of this city.

Celebrating Colors of Life through Dance

HOUSTON: Eminent local Indian classical dancer and guru Dr. Rathna Kumar performed at the exquisite Theatre des Champs Elysee in Paris on the same day as the Beatles and the doyen of sitar Pandit Ravi Shankar. She has enjoyed spirited conversations about ragas with former president of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, and was invited by Indian philosopher and statesman Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan to perform for him at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

Book on South Indian Paintings Authoritative, Luminous with Prodigious Narratives

HOUSTON: As a young child growing up in Italy, Dr. Anna L. Dallapiccola was quite unintentionally exposed to the vibrancy of India through pictures in a book. Her curiosity was piqued, when ill and confined to bed for a few weeks, she paged through a library book her mother had brought in and saw towering temples hewn intricately of rock, adorned temple elephants, women in richly-hued sarees and gleaming gems, and streets milling with people.

A Colorful Ram Leela Captivates Houstonians

HOUSTON: “The last time I saw the Ram Leela,” said Dr. Arun Verma, with a hint of a smile, “was in 1958. And, I wanted to make it possible again – for all of us here,” looking around at the near capacity crowd that was filling up the Cullen Auditorium at the University of Houston this past Saturday, October 23. It was late afternoon, and as the crowd trickled in, late as is the Indian ritual, it pushed the beginning of the first Ram Leela held in the Bayou City back by 30 minutes.

His Sitar Music is the Calm Before the Pomp

HOUSTON: At the recent Indo American Charity Foundation Gala on October 1, as the guests slowly sauntered in and proceeded to their tables, the huge hall of the New Stafford Civic Center was filled with the lilting notes that the solo artist onstage sitting cross-legged on a Indian rug played on his sitar.

Golu or Kolu, Enchanting Tradition Lives on in Texas

HOUSTON: Like audible fragrance, classical music drifts out the front door, pure and sweet. It’s Navarathri kolu open house at Sheila and M. K. Sriram’s Sugarland residence. Walk in, and you’re engulfed in the warmth of their welcome. Sheila leads you upstairs to a large family room where youthful voices are singing in praise of the Goddess Devi.

South Asian Chamber of Commerce Celebrates 17th Anniversary with Ancient Wisdom from Vedanta

HOUSTON: Swami Parthasarathy, the renowned exponent of Vedanta and author of scholarly treatises on the ancient Indian philosophy of life and living, was the keynote speaker at the South Asian Chamber of Commerce (SACC) 17th Anniversary Gala held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on October 9, 2010.

Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference to be Held in Houston

HOUSTON: Representatives from 130 temples in the U.S., Canada and other countries are expected to attend the Fifth Annual Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference (HMEC) to be held in this city at the Sheraton Hotel near Inter-continental Airport from October 22 – 24, 2010.

“Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha” Play to Come to Houston with Kher

HOUSTON: One of the best and critically most acclaimed actors of Bollywood Padma Shri Anupam Kher is coming to Houston for entertaining thousands of theatre aficionados with his latest play “Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha”.