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On a Clear Day, Devon Ave Brings Desis Home

On a Clear Day, Devon Ave Brings Desis Home

By Jawahar Malhotra CHICAGO: The traffic just wasn’t moving coming in from O’Hare Airport on the Kennedy Expressway (Interstate 90) and we took the exit onto North Cumberland Ave and headed north. It was early evening on a crisp May day and the night was still far off in this northern latitude. A short eight […]

A Little Mandir in Medinah, Illinois

A Little Mandir in Medinah, Illinois

By Jawahar Malhotra CHICAGO: Taking the back roads (and not the tollways) has its advantages in Chicagoland, especially if you aren’t hurried for time. The winding roads to far flung places throw out an occasional surprise, like the tiny Hari Om Mandir on a corner lot with some fruit trees in bloom, just across the […]

Ekal Launches Sustainable Farming Program in Rural India

Ekal Launches Sustainable Farming Program in Rural India

HOUSTON: The Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation, a non-profit service organization supporting education and village development in rural India, is proud to announce a pilot program engineered to introduce self-sustaining farming practices to impoverished villages in the Indian states of Orissa and Maharashtra. The two trial phases of the Vermi Compost Project are being financed by North […]

Fourth Largest City has an Air of Provinciality for the Foreign Traveler

Fourth Largest City has an Air of Provinciality for the Foreign Traveler

By Jawahar Malhotra HOUSTON: It had been a long flight from Dubai, over 15 hours long, straight to George H. Bush  InterContinnental Airport and even more when you added in the 4 hour hop from New Delhi to Dubai and the 3 hour layover at the airport. With my elderly mother in a wheelchair and […]

A Past Connected by the Indian Railroads

By Jawahar Malhotra ON THE RAJDHANI EXPRESS FROM BOMBAY TO DELHI: I have travelled these tracks often ever since I was a young boy on his first train ride in August 1958 to Bombay. But before I even boarded a train, railroad tracks were pivotal in my childhood. We lived near a train yard and, […]

Southward Bound on the Rajdhani Express Railway – Traveling Desi Column

Do des ka den, the sound made by the train, is best for lolling off to sleep, especially on the upper bunk of the sleeper car. You’re rocked like a baby, briefcase tucked behind the pillow, a sheet and blanket against the cold blast from the AC vent and curtains drawn against the light. Feet shuffle by in the alleyway, conversations become indistinguishable and soon waves of dreams stream through your head until the stiffness of lying in the same pose on the hopelessly crumpled the bottom sheet wakes you up in the dark. Read more … Written by Jawahar Malhotra in our Exclusive Traveling Desi Column!!!

Fort Bend Student Wins Houston PBS Spelling Bee

Start Your Engines……. ………Have Some Fun at Ferrari World!

Welcome to Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi’s latest attraction and the only park of its type in the world built around the iconic Ferrari brand of racing cars and the thrill of speed, not to mention the world’s largest too.

National Health Survey Underway in Harris County

National Health Survey Underway in Harris County

HOUSTON: The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), the most comprehensive study of the health and nutritional status of the U.S. population gets underway in Harris County beginning on January 30, 2011

Indian Physicians Picked Chiefs of Staff at Local Hospitals

HOUSTON: Dr. Periyanan Vaduganathan and Dr. Anil Dara have assumed two-year positions as Chiefs of Staff at Memorial Hermann Southeast and Northeast hospitals, respectively beginning Jan 1, 2011. Memorial Hermann, a not-for-profit, community-owned healthcare system located throughout the Greater Houston area, consists of a total of 11 hospitals.

Nursing Profession: The Most Noble, Priceless, & Secure Job in the Country

I spent the last three years, working toward my Masters in Healthcare Administration (MHA), at the Texas Woman’s University, in addition to having already spent more than a quarter century in cardiology and medicine.

Workforce Summit to Highlight Growth Opportunities for Businesses

HOUSTON: As a continuation of the successful Workforce Summit series initiated by HCC Trustee Neeta Sane, District VII, the next summit will be hosted in joint partnership with the Brays Oaks Management District.

Sewa International Hosts Immunization Drive for Refugee Children

HOUSTON: Sewa International Houston, a local service-based nonprofit organization, collaborated with Texas Children’s Hospital’s Mobile Clinic on Saturday, July 10, to host an immunization drive for the children of low-income families at the Los Arcos apartment complex in Southwest Houston. In total, forty children received free immunizations and medical check-ups.

Swami Ramdev Brings Yoga to Texas

Swami Ramdev is visiting the US from June 24th to July 5th 2010. During this time, he will conduct special yoga camps and workshops in Houston and Dallas, TX. The camp in Dallas is geared towards the general public, and will be held for 4 days at the Market Hall in Dallas Market Center during the holiday weekend of July 2nd to July 5th from 6.00 to 8.30 am.

Adapt to a Heart Healthy Way of Eating with Dr. Reddy’s Pita Bread

HOUSTON: Dr. Kota Reddy, renowned cardiologist, has a message to preach, one that he does passionately. He is a doctor on a mission to get people to eat right and stop the onset of heart attacks, starting with stopping diabetes. Dr. Reddy believes that each diabetic client is treated like he / she has already had their first heart attack.

Doctor’s Advice: Stay Cool this Summer

Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported 3442 deaths resulting from exposure to extreme heat, between 1999-2003 seasons. Pre-existing conditions such as heart disease or lung problems can compound the adverse effects of exposure to heat. Most of these deaths and injuries could be avoided

IACAN Addresses the Role of Diet and Complementary Medicine in Cancer

HOUSTON: The west is finally wising up to what the east has long known, that adding a little spice to your diet can add years to your life. Clinical studies of recent years have research scientists excited about curcumin, the source of the spice turmeric, which is a member of the curcuma longa botanical group.