HMM Celebrates Makar Sankrant

Youth enjoying playing variety of games.

By Aditya Raje

HOUSTON: Houston Maharashtra Mandal (HMM) organized ‘Makar Sankrant Anand Mela’ on January 26 at Durga Bari temple in west Houston. The event was organized to celebrate Makar Sankrant festival and marked the first event by HMM for the year 2013. The event was attended and enjoyed by around 500 people from the greater Houston area.

HMM committee members greeted the guests for the event by offering Til-Gul (a sweet made of sesame seeds and jaggery). Traditional Haldi-Kunku and ‘Sankrantiche Vaan’ were given to the women as per the Maharashtrian tradition of celebrating Sankrant.

In addition, every family was also given a Marathi calendar.

As is the Makar Sankrant tradition in Maharashtra, most women were seen decked in their best black-colored sarees.

Children’s Musical Chair and Bor-Nahan (on right)

Children’s Musical Chair and Bor-Nahan (on right)

The event involved celebration, funfair and games for children, adults and for senior citizens. The big attraction of the event was stalls selling delicious snacks. The recipes involved authentic, traditional Maharashtrian delicacies along with other mouth-watering snacks and chat items. All the food items were home-made and were thoroughly enjoyed by all the attendees. Items ranged from favorites like Ukadiche Modak to Vada Pao to Suralicha Vadya to homemade Nankatai. Also, there were stalls selling paintings, ethnic apparel and jewelry.

Several games for children and couples were organized. The musical chair event for children was enjoyed by children and their parents alike.

‘Bor-Nahan’, a traditional activity for young children was also organized. The event also provided option of photographing children with traditional ‘Halawyache Dagine’.

There was an air of great excitement during these events.

Raffles prizes were drawn every hour. Prizes ranged from Houston-area restaurant vouchers to popular music CD sets.


The fun-filled evening concluded with the reciting of the National Anthems of India (as Jan 26 happens to be the Republic Day of India) and that of the USA.

HMM would like to thank all the sponsors, volunteers and staff of Durga Bari whose whole hearted help and efforts greatly contributed to the success of HMM’s Makar Sankrant celebration event.

HMM organizes cultural events throughout the year, such as Ganesh Festival and Diwali. HMM will be screening a show of acclaimed Marathi movie ‘Hou De Jarasa Usheer’ at AMC, Dunvale on Feb 24, 2013.


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