REVEALING the reason why Aamir Khan was removed as the brand ambassador of Incredible India!


Allegedly, he damaged the identity of the brand he was endorsing…

When Shah Rukh Khan remarked about intolerant India, the whole world erupted and within no time, he was branded a traitor. Same happened when Aamir Khan voiced his concerns about staying in India. He was trolled really bad and all sorts of names were hurled at him. But the most disparaging reaction to it was when he was removed as the brand ambassador of Incredible India. One reaction and he was made to step down from a campaign he was part of for so long. All this while nobody confirmed our reasons that his intolerance remark is the reason behind his ouster from the campaign. Finally, Secretary of department of industrial policy and promotion Amitabh Kant, also a key driver of the much-acclaimed initiative, said it. He accused Aamir of damaging brand India’s identity.

A leading daily quoted Amitabh Kant as saying, “He is damaging the brand identity of the country. People will not come to India after hearing him. An ambassador has to promote the brand, not destroy the brand. The brand ambassador must be the best brand ambassador for promoting India, he cannot be the destroyer of the brand.” Furthermore, he explained what a brand ambassador’s ought to do ideally, “A brand ambassador promotes a brand. People will come to India and tourist flow will increase only if the brand ambassador of ‘Incredible India’ promotes India as incredible India. But if the brand ambassador of India says India is intolerant, he is surely not working as a brand ambassador of India.” Kant was the Chief Guest at the 36th convocation of National Institute of Design (NID) where he was asked to comment on Aamir’s exit from the Incredible India campaign.

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