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SOS Announces SOS Connect

From left: Kalpita Shah, Archana Laxmisan, Radhika Kuchadkar, Biki Mohindra, Briseida Luna, Farida Hasanali and Vivian Liu

By Farida Hasanali
HOUSTON: SOS (Share Our Secrets)  proudly announced the launch of its newest program “SOS Connect” at the SOS Holiday Party hosted by Biki and Dr. Prita Mohindra on December 8.
The program has been designed for history, philosophy and religion lovers and lifelong learners who are always trying to understand the past, present and future and how it impacts who we are today, how we interact with others and why we are who we are. “Learning about the social origins of mankind is instrumental in understanding why people react in certain ways and how we can deal with them effectively, said Biki Mohindra, co-founder of SOS. Due to popular demand, SOS Connect’ s first session has been scheduled for early January and is open to all. Sessions will be held over lunch on the first Saturday of every month.

Andi Berkman (left) and Susan Jhin

For more information on how you can participate, email at
The Buzz about the SOS Connect program at the holiday party was almost electrifying. The event was attended by over a 100 who’s who of Houston from all walks and strata’s of life. The evening could not have been more perfect; students from SOS’ first class, Andi Berkman and Susan Jhin talked about their experiences with the class, which they took twice (once as a class of two, and second in a class of 10). In fact Andi and Susan were the initial instigators urging Mohindra to put a class curriculum together that could be delivered to a small group of individuals at the same time. Both of them spoke passionately about how SOS principles had changed how they viewed their own lives and even the lives of their children.
Next, Dr. Swapan Dubey and attorney Briseida Luna, students from SOS’ current class shared their thoughts on the changes they were experiencing in their lives as a result of the introspection that every class seemed to urge them to undertake. “I wake up willingly early on a Saturday morning to attend this class. I wouldn’t miss it for the world” said Briseida as she eagerly recounted how the class had helped her think through some of her life decisions.

Vivek Mehta (left) and Raj Verma

The program closed with a heartfelt thank you from Vivek Mehta, Chairman of SOS’ Center of Influence (COI). Vivek recounted COI’s 2012 accomplishments and promised exciting events in 2013 such as a networking event at Auto Dynamics, Inc, a showroom of high end luxury cars, an information event at Dr. Dubey’s emergency clinic and another sophisticated networking encounter at the River Oaks Country Club.
The SOS Holiday party provided an opportunity for three SOS generations to interact; accomplished seniors who want to give back, young adults who are looking for guidance and help to navigate the waters of life, and mature adults who are looking to succeed further in their businesses or life goals. There were already several SOS Connect recruits who seem anxious to get started.
For those who are not familiar with the parent SOS Organization, SOS (Share Our Secrets), an educational organization was founded in 2010 as a joint venture between Club24 and NetIP.  SOS focuses on lifelong learning, and in keeping with that charter the organization caters to three generations (young adults, mature adults and seniors), addressing each of their needs with a different program whilst providing avenues for all three generations to interact and learn from each other. SOS’ vision is to create an environment where successful individuals become even more successful.

From left: Briseida Luna, Vignesh Veer, Jagan Lenka, Sergio Alvarez and Zal Sethna

The current SOS program consists of three components; the SOS class, SOS member speaker series and the Circle of Influence.
The SOS class geared to young adults consists of a select group of 10 individuals hand-picked by the SOS board to attend 8-10 classes over a period of 6 months. The class curriculum covers topics such as learning to negotiate, finding a job at any point in your life, and defining love, success, happiness and leverage. “The class atmosphere is so charged” says Dr. Swapan Dubey, “I find myself anxiously waiting for the next class so my routine mindset can be challenged and I can learn something new.”
The SOS Member Speaker Series provides an avenue for accomplished members/seniors in our society to share their secrets of success with SOS class students as well as SOS members who want to learn from other’s experiences. Speakers from varied backgrounds and areas of accomplishment are invited to speak at lunch and everyone is encouraged to ask questions with an effort to learn from the speaker’s experience. Successful entrepreneurs like Marc Ostrofsky and  Amit Bhandari, Houston City Council member Felix Fraga, Shawn Wharton, CIO, BP NAGP, and  Dr. Johnella Bradford, Dean of HCC Southeast, are a few examples of the caliber of speakers that the SOS program delivers. What’s even more exciting is that they are open to being mentors for SOS students depending on the applicability of the speakers experience to the individual’s needs.
SOS’ Circle of Influence (COI), the newest member of the SOS family caters to individuals who are past the student stage, but still need the support of the community to further their goals in life. COI hosts events throughout the year that are intended to support the businesses or jobs of the COI members. COI Chairman Vivek Mehta, Sr. Vice President at Bank of Texas is always striving to deliver quality events that support effective results-oriented networking for the COI and its guests. Last quarter’s event held at the River Oaks Country Club was a resounding success, and due to member demands he will be planning another one in first Quarter 2013.
As mentioned earlier, the success of SOS’ existing programs; the class, speaker series and COI and the increased demand for more participation has led to the creation of SOS Connect. Connect allows us to share our passion for lifelong learning and with the extended community and to further promote our educational charter to help people succeed.
SOS Board is very excited about this new venture and is eager to get started.

If you are interested in any of the SOS components, email at LearnHow@
Please mention specifically how you would like to support SOS and its goals to help the next generation succeed at an accelerated pace.

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