Spiritual Prayer for Healing

By Krishna Gupta

Since I came from India as a student in 1963, subsequently joined with my wife, had experienced, read, and visualized many incidents in our life. Life was not rosy in those days, but survived in all the good or harsh conditions and environments. Many incidents happened from time to time, but with the grace of God, we are healed and the memories are left behind.  After attending kirtans and bhajans in the Gurudwaras and temples, we learned that group prayers are the most beneficial healings in the world, and prayer can heal the individuals to great extent.

There are quite a few healers in this world, but we learned that Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ were the greatest and  selfless healers, Based on their teachings I have written a consolidated prayer which may be useful under many circumstances and incidents. It is advisable that recitation of prayer should be performed collectively by the devotees; the place should be calm and quite in order to concentrate on the individual to be healed.

Our hearts are totally filled with grieves about the incidents happened in Oak Creek, Wisconsin and many other places.  Our prayers are with the families of those who became victim of this gruesome, merciless crime and for all the departed souls, wounded devotees and law officers. Our sympathy, memories, encouragement, strength, and condolence to bear the immense loss to all the families, relatives and devotees will always be there in our hearts.


Recitation of Prayer

Oh; Almighty God, omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotent, Infinite creator of the universe, the protector, the basis of all life, merciful, pervasive, present in the whole universe, is the flow of the rivers, giving fragrance to all, smiling in the moon, sun, stars, and also the sweet voice of the chirping birds. 

We ask that you send us the healing love of cosmic rays from the highest vibration entering through our soul stars and further entering our Crown Chakra flowing perfectly through our bodies. 

As these vibrations flow perfectly through our bodies, grounds us through the crystalline core of the mother earth.  Take away all of our negativity and replace it with nothing less than the perfect and holiest white light. 

We ask that the holy light flow perfectly through our bodies; and flow abundantly down our arms, out our Palm Chakra, and out to each finger tip.

Our words and actions may be a witness that you are living in us. To the one that is lonely, may we be a friend. To those with heavy burdens, help us to meet their needs. Guide us and heal us so that we can be a greater service to others. Our mind body and soul is all yours, you are the only one who can cross the river of our life and show us the right path.

We want to be in my purest form and will forget our pride and identity in your devotion. You are the ultimate and we belong to you. We are as much yours as you are ours. You are source of energy and we can always feel your mercy. 

Please enlighten our heart, shower us with supreme joy and protect us from all the ill feelings. We know we do not have much to offer, but with your grace, we will give you all.

Oh God, we pray with our folded hands, please accept our prayers, let our deeds be pure, and let our ears always hear your hymns.  Please do not keep us away from your mercy, let your blessings and sacred name be on our tongues, and be with us in sorrow, happiness at all the time. Enlighten our path from darkness to light, mortality to immortality.  Let the whole world be happy and free of illness, sorrow and sadness. 

Take from our heart all guile and worldliness, jealousy, greediness, angriness, and selfish motto. Please give skill to our hands, clear vision to our mind, kindness and sympathy to our hearts, grant us wisdom, show us the path of righteousness and show us to perform true and noble deeds.

Oh Lord, You are a great healer, and we bow our head before you with our clear and pure heart.  Blessed and cure at least part of the burden of our suffering fellow men, women, children and families.

Thank you, Almighty God and Angels for listen to our humble prayer.



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