Sri Meenakshi Temple’s VHS School Felicitates It’s Teachers and Volunteers


By Mahalakshmi Panchavati

PEARLAND: The teachers and the volunteers of the MTS Vedic Heritage School were felicitated for their tireless efforts on January 20 at the Sri Meenakshi Temple Youth Center.

The MTS Vedic Heritage School or VHS as it is popularly called is a beacon of our Cultural Heritage. It follows Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s “Poorna Vidya” curriculum. The vision of the VHS program was not only to teach the children the stories from our epics but to also equip them with a value system and the discipline and dedication they would need to face in their practical world.

The first MTS VHS class was started about 13 years ago in February 2000. The very first project started with only 26 students, 5 volunteers and a coordinator. Since its inception, the value of such classes and the vision of VHS has been so realized that the program has grown immensely.  VHS  now has over 240 registered children and over 30 teachers and many more active parent volunteers.

 ‘Children are not vessels to be filled, but lamps to be lit’-Swami Chinmayananda. To realise this, volunteers selflessly dedicate their hours to impart the rich knowledge of our Vedas and epics in a way that children learn and enjoy. This is evidenced by the testimonials of the children from the various classes. To give a few examples:

From the Ramayana class (6-7 yr old)  “ our teacher gives knowledge and knowledge grows like a tree”.

From Bhagavat Gita (15-16 yr old) “ helps us to understand and get a deeper view of the subject and relates it to real life”.

In appreciation of all the efforts of the teachers and other volunteers the MTS board members and the VHS coordinators led by Suraj Subramaniam hosted a felicitation event. The Chairman, MTS Board, Tupil Narasimhan, other board members Padma Golla, Rajendra Mikkilineni,  Jeyam Thiagarajan  and Meena Subramanian were the dignitaries present. Meena Subramaniam is the VHS representative and oversees the Educational and Youth program committee at the MTS board and has been very supportive and encouraging about the activities of VHS.

The felicitation started with a beautiful rendering of a prayer by a young VHS student, daughter of VHS teacher, Lakshmi Venkateswaran. The welcome address was given by assistant coordinator, Garuda Rao. The testimonial of the children was ably read by Malini Randeep to much amusement and appreciation. Tupil Narasimham extended his gratitude to the teachers and continuing support of MTS to the VHS program.

Tupil Narasimhan, Meena Subramanian, Padma Golla, Jeyam Thiagarajan and Rajendra Mikkilineni presented the awards to all the teachers and active volunteers. The program was concluded by a vote of thanks by assistant coordinator Mahalakshmi Panchavati.


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