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Lobbying Persuasively, for an Accurate Portrayal of Hinduism and its Just Role in American Society

By Jawahar Malhotra HOUSTON: The most powerful testimonial on the impact of inaccurate portrayal of Hinduism in the text books used in American schools came from a young Indian man who is a product of these very schools. He spoke about the shame he felt in classes in Philadelphia as he heard the unflattering description […]

Yezidi’s State their Plight and HAF, Art of Living Vow Support

By Jawahar Malhotra HOUSTON: At the fundraiser for the Hindu American Foundation held this past Saturday, November 15 (see page 03), the plight of the tiny Yezidi community which has lived for generations in the northeastern portion of Iraq, bordering on Kurdistan and Turkey, was brought out and the HAF taken on their cause and […]