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Gaura Purnima Festival at ISKCON of Houston

Gaura Purnima Festival at ISKCON of Houston

HOUSTON: It was a Thursday night unlike any other this last week where one of the loudest and happening parties took place under the light of the gorgeous full moon as the devotees at Iskcon of Houston hosted the Gaura Purnima Festival. Gaura Purnima marks the appearance of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  This day is […]

Texas Yoga Conference at ISKCON Houston

By Dayal Nitai Das HOUSTON: ‘OM in the Big Heart of Texas’ was the signature motto for the sixth annual Texas Yoga Conference (TYC) held February 20-22 at ISKCON Houston (Hare Krishna Temple and Cultural Center). Leading yoga teachers and speakers, along with hundreds of practitioners came together for a city retreat full of presentations, […]

Celebrations of Diwali and Govardhan Puja at ISKCON of Houston

HOUSTON: ISKCON of Houston held jubilant festivals of Diwali, “Festival of Lights” on Oct. 23 and Govardhan Puja on Oct. 24. The temple was bustling with numerous volunteers performing a multitude of services in preparation for these special occasions.  Devotees engaged in cleaning, decor of flower strands and arrangements, setting up lights, and preparing candles. […]

Radhastami: Appearance of Srimati Radharani

HOUSTON: The divine counterpart of Sri Krishna is known as Sri Radha. Together, according to the ancient Vaishnava tradition, this dual-gendered divinity is God-male and female dimensions of the Absolute Truth. Sri Radha is the complete energy, and Sri Krishna is the complete energetic source. They are non-different from each other, just as musk and […]

4th Annual Gita Camp Held at Houston Hare Krishna Temple

By Vrajesvari Devi Dasi HOUSTON: In this day and age, our lives are busy, and we are all running around with the urgency to fulfill various needs. If we have any more time left in between, we are bombarded with electronic stimulation in different ways. The sad part of this life style is that our […]

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