“Welcome to America” Introduced to the American Audience

Mahesh Sriram

Mahesh Sriram

By Sanchali Basu

HOUSTON: Believe it or not, director U. S. Raju picked Houston to release the trailer for his upcoming Telugu movie, Welcome to America, although most of the production crew is from Kansas and Hollywood. This is the first time that any trailer release party for a Telugu movie was organized in the US. Thanks to Houstonian Telugu cine star Mahesh Sriram, who took initiative and made this event possible at Indian restaurant Mayuri, Sunday August 17 evening. It was attended by several of the movie cast and crewmembers from Kansas and Houston movie buffs. Welcome To America is an upcoming Telugu flick starring Prudhvi Chandra Priyanka, Deepika Parmar, Kimberly Igla, Mahesh Sriram, Nagineedu, Devisri, Jhansi, Prakash Kutti, Sridhar konda kalla, Bhavini Uppalapu, Mano G, Jithendra Chelasani, Caroline Brohemer.

On talking to the down to earth, humble U. S. Raju, one learned that being an IT professional was not fulfilling his artistic goals. The latent, passionate urge to make movies was eating away at him. Already having written scripts for movies for 10 years, the graduation into making movies was automatic. After making movies in several different languages, U. S. embarked on his first commercial venture in his mother tongue in this movie and put his team together from all over the USA and India.

The cast and crewmembers with friends at the trailor launch of the upcoming Telugu movie, Welcome to America.

The cast and crewmembers with friends at the trailor launch of the upcoming Telugu movie, Welcome to America.

The hero of the movie is a common man in India, who ends up in the USA and through his sheer raw musical talent makes it big in the US disclaiming the typical Indian belief that one has to be a doctor or an engineer to be successful in life – says director U.S. The hero, Prudhvi Chandra actually in real life is a popular singer as well, and provides the music and sings his own songs in the movie. The cast is supported by 3 heroines, Dipika Parmar (California), Priyanka (India), and Kimberley Igla (Kansas). The movie was shot in over 60 locations covering six states in the USA.


After appetizers and drinks and a couple of Telugu songs by local artistes, the poster, trailer and teaser releases were presented by different members of the production crew. The panel was introduced and chief guest, Houstonian businessman and proponent Jitendra Reddy lauded the film makers for their efforts in making mainstream Indian language movies in the US since they have a huge market here. Co producers Durga Prasad (NATA Regional Vice President) and Manu shared the same opinion that since the opportunity and talent is available locally, more such ventures will materialize and it is possible to make our own film industry here. Muralidhar Bhat, the editor of the movie touched on how the idea of the movie generated and that it is possible to create a great movie if it has a strong storyline.


Mahesh, the local favorite explained what drew him to act in this the movie was the touching role that was offered. The shot inside the State Capital building, sitting on the Governor’s chair was a hair raising experience for him along with many others. He appreciated the fact that the movie was done in exactly 40 days as scheduled. Kimberley enjoyed every moment while filming and Caroline Brohemer (actress in the movie) said that one gets a flavor of living in America through the movie and she enjoyed every bit of being a part of the movie.

U. S. stressed on the fact that he did not make the movie to make money. The only thing he is looking for is people’s satisfaction. He mentioned that the movie was all about teamwork. He thanked the financiers and friends Larry Patel, Manu G, Jitendra Chalasani, choreagrapher Ramanaji Boded, line producer Jayson Johnson and last but not the least cinematographer Ravi Vuppalapu.

The crowd lined up to take pictures with the stars. All are looking forward to the general release of this family entertainer, which is showing every potential of becoming a huge box office success. Houstonians can take pride in the fact that it is becoming part of producing mainstream Indian movies and getting exposure in the Indian film landscape.

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