90 Kids Received Award from Hawa Masjid for After School Program


HOUSTON: On May 2, 90 refugee’s kids received Award at Hawa Masjid (Harwin & Ranchester). Chief Guess Sheriff Adrian Garcia attended and delivered a speech on his background to motivate the kids & asked them to stay away from trouble. Also Sam Merchant, representative from Congress man Al Green was present. At the Hawa Masjid kids attend Quran Class & After School Program.

It is absolutely Free of Charge, majority of families are living next to Hawa Masjid. The Majid opened less than a year ago, especially for Refugees families. We took the kids out the streets, help them stay out of trouble (gangs, drugs, violence) and to educate them, said the masjid authorities. For the elders we have found them jobs & provide there families with Free Groceries and School Supplies.

At the event we had speakers, Qari Dilawar Shan, Hafiz Turqi Shan, Hafiz Abdur Rahim, Hafiz Ashraf Tanavi, Hafiz M. Iqbal  & Dr. Mamdouh Salama.

The emcee was Shahab Shaikh, leaders from the organization & community members were at the event.

Rahman Moton in his speech said the families are not born refugees but, because of the countries situation, they became stateless refugees. He mentioned that we are helping the kids out in there school homework, projects & we help them to not drop out of school, but at this moment Hawa Masjid doesn’t have a Wadu Room, Ladies Namaz Room & Kids Class Room. He also said we are seeking volunteers or any kind of help. With your support we will be able to provide the families with more opportunities.