Akash and Meethi to have a deadly encounter with Ambika in Colors’ Uttaran


Colors’ long-running show Uttaran, produced by Filmfarm India will provide for an interesting twist in the coming days.

In the ongoing track, Ambika (Vividha Kirti) was to wed Akash (Mrunal Jain) but on learning about Meethi (Tina Dutta) being handicapped, Akash rekindled his love for Meethi and went ahead with his desire to marry her.

In the upcoming track, a heartbroken Ambika will vow to destroy the lives of both Akash and Meethi. While Akash and Meethi spend beautiful honeymoon time in Shimla, Ambika will make all attempts to kill Meethi and Akash, but will fail in her initial plans. However, it will so happen that on the second day of their honeymoon Ambika will lay a trap which will prompt Akash to venture out of his room in a foggy climate. On learning about Akash being outdoors, Meethi will follow him and this will eventually turn out to be a moment of encounter with Ambika.

So who will Ambika kill? Will it be Akash or Meethi?…

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