Baahubali VFX breakdown: These 15 before and after VFX pics of Baahubali will leave you amazed – view pics!


If you are wondering why everybody is fussing about the the visual effects of SS Rajamouli’s blockbuster, then these pics will throw light on some mind boggling VFX work gone behind the visual grandeur of the magnum opus

Prabhas, Rana Daggubati and Tamannaah starrer Baahubali: The Beginning has turned out to be one of the highest grossers of the year. It’s been 50 days since its release but there seems to be no stopping this juggernaut called Baahubali at box office.

Apart from an interesting story line and strong characters, the real life and flesh of Baahubali was its mind blowing visual effects, which drew attention from all over the world. With its VFX effects compared with Hollywood biggies like  300 and Lord of the Rings, Baahubali has now created a new bench mark for VFX in Indian cinema. If you are wondering what’s so great about VFX or what it’s all about, then get ready cos these before and after VFX pics will blow your mind!


This shot of Sivagami saving the baby on water has been enhanced by adding VFX generated waterfalls.



You won’t believe but this famous shot from the film of Sivagami keeping the baby above the water, was originally shot with a bottle of mineral water.



Once again in this shot we can clearly see how Tamannaah is facing a blue screen which was replaced with the waterfalls using VFX.



Even the veil on Tamannaah’s body was created using CGI. Awesome!



Butterfly effect – In this picture you can see how butterflies have been designed and later have been filled with blue color.


bahubali-vfx-7-310815 - Copy

The mesmerising shot of Prabhas hanging on the rocks with waterfalls in the backdrop, was VFX generated. In the inset, you can see Prabhas climbing the rock through a crane lifted platform.


592358 - Copy

The waterfalls, the mountains and the sky were all graphically generated in this shot from the romantic track Dhivara picturised on Prabhas and Tamannaah.


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