Backpack: A World within Itself Photo Exhibit by Narinder Sall


Narinder Sall

HOUSTON: A photography exhibit by Narinder Sall, Backpack: A World Within Itself is currently on view at Aker Imaging Gallery in Houston, Texas and will continue until September 4, 2016.

Born and raised in India, Narinder Sall emigrated to America in 1968. As a photographer, he has worked in both commercial and editorial circles. He co-authored Leonard Tharp: An American Style of Flower Arrangement, a hard cover book written by Lisa Ruffin Harrison and flower designer Leonard Tharp. He lives in Houston with his wife Mary Sall.


Approaching each of his subjects with a sense of wonder, he finds dreamlike images amidst ordinary settings. His purpose is to find new, revealing perspectives on the world and to share these experiences with his viewers. He is captivated by the concept of the image and its psychological impact on the viewer.

This series started with the chance finding of one dried philodendron plant in someone’s empty lot. Approaching it with curiosity Sall observed that it was not very heavy and its tubes were tangled up circling around one another in every direction.

Unraveling and dissecting the tangled roots took several months of careful work and patience and eventually produced 22 images.

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