Being Positive… No Matter What!


Photos: Bijay Dixit

HOUSTON: Community members were fortunate to hear Dr. Sunita Didi Chandak speak about being positive… no matter what, on Tuesday July 26, at India House, . Dr. Sunita ‘s talk was no ordinary lecture rather it was a two hours’ interactive workshop on how to see the positive in everything.  This free event was organized by India House, Houston and was sponsored by their Trustees, Durga Agrawal and Jugal Malani.


Dr. Sunita is an MBA from Southern Adventist University, USA and a Ph.D. from Gujarat University. She is recipient of international awards and has authored many books! She was honored with “Best Concept Academy Award” for her popular film on women empowerment- “Nareetva Darshan”. She has been Keynote and Guest Speaker in International Conferences.


There were many exercises which proved to the audience that we might think we are positive but in fact we are not. She showed the audience how we are controlled by our conditioning of mind by a simple exercise.


Dr. Sunita went on to explain to the attentive crowd that being positive is not only a choice, but it has to be a way of life. A simple game which involved reading the newspaper showed the participants, how we can find the positive in a negative situation. This would help us change our attitude toward all walks of our life.


To wrap up the session, the people got to see a spectacular 15 minutes video on how negativity affected a single droplet of water.  When surrounded by negativity the water molecules looked distressed and uneven. She further emphasized the need to be positive since our human bodies are made up of 60% water.  Her advice for a healthy and happy life was meditation along with a positive outlook towards the future.


The evening ended with the attendees enjoying a satwik (No onions and no garlic) Indian meal, catered by Kurrywalah restaurant of Katy, and a buzz to stay positive no matter what life throws your way.

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