Dhanak Movie Review


A film that believes – and artfully coaxes the audience to believe – in miracles, Nagesh Kukunoor’s bewitching Dhanak is itself a full-blown marvel.

It’s like a dazzling flash in the sky that lights up everything around it and soaks you instantly in its warmth.

This sparkling little gem deftly darts back and forth between disarming simplicity and hearty cheerfulness to deliver a feel-good road trip fable. The spell it casts is so durable that it clings to you for hours after you’ve left the auditorium.

The tale is anchored by two charming child actors whose natural flair rubs off on the film as a whole, with the adults in the cast merely flowing along with the irresistible rhythm that the duo strikes without much ado.

Scripted by Kukunoor himself, Dhanak is essentially a children’s film. But it transcends the limits of the genre to celebrate an impossible dream fuelled by a Bollywood star in a remote corner of this vast land.

In this country, where magic, both constructive and disruptive, always seems to be only a wave of a wand away, a handful of movie stars lend their faces to the task of selling everything from modest hair oils to swanky automobiles.

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