FCCRS Holds First Gala to Raise >$130K for Children’s Cancer Research & Suport

Chief guest George Foreman

HOUSTON: It was a magical evening of Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research & Support’s first Gala with like-minded individuals who engaged in a meaningful conversation. It was an evening of toasting to a fantastic organization, a chance to support a great cause, and a forum for building long-lasting relationships.

Over 300 people attended the first gala of the FCCRS. The foundation gives funds for much needed research to help find a cure for cancer as well as supporting families while they go through the difficult journey of cancer therapy. FCCRS will donate $25,000 to Texas Children for CART Cell research for brain Cancer and solid tumors.

Our 300 attendees were excited to have George Foreman (professional boxer, entrepreneur, minister, author). The guest speaker was Dr. Sonbha Navai who is currently involved in pediatric cancer research at Texas Children’s Hospital.

A beautiful dance performance proved to be emotional and moving. Featured dancer and choreographer Sajid Jamal came from India to instruct the dancers. His participation proved invaluable.

FCCRS President Biswajit Kar

Local children and adults participated in the vibrant musical production “Harmony & Happiness” produced by Keka Kar, president of Virtuosi of Performing Arts. The choreography was done by Sajid Jamal and Souvik Chakraborty. The performance by the talented Sajid and Ranabir Saha, from New York, was exceptional.

Speeches were given by FCCRS President Dr. Biswajit Kar; Dr. Adan Rios Oncologist,, Professor of Hematology and Oncology, McGovern School of Medicine, Houston who introduced George Foreman and Executive director of FCCRS, Capt. Satyajit Kar.

The Guest of Honor was George Foreman the American boxer who was twice world heavyweight champion (1973–74, 1994–95). He described his journey from the Fifth Ward in Houston to winning the Gold Medal at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics and later beating Joe Frazier for the Heavyweight Champion Title in 1973. He lost it in 1974 to Muhammad Ali but regained it in 1976 by beating Joe Frazier again. Foreman donated $20K for the fundraiser.

Keynote Speaker Dr. Shoba Navai, Assistant Professor, Pediatric Oncology at Texas Children’s Hospital and the Baylor College of Medicine spoke about treatment for childhood cancers and how newer drugs are not coming on the market soon enough.

Keka Kar with volunteers Alpa Shah, Sheela Rao, Jasmeeta Singh and others

Event Chair Mr. Bobby Singh with group of volunteers Alpa Shah, Sheela Rao, Jasmeeta Singh started the fundraising drive while Ashok Rao kept the accounts. At the end of the evening, a total of $132,000 was raised. Dinner was served afterwards by Daawat Catering who also served the appetizers before curtain call.

Other highlights of the show was the induction of Dr. Sachin Agarwal Oncologist, to the board, who made a heartwarming appeal for support to FCCRS. In addition, and as always, key donors to FCCRS, Satish Agarwal and his wife, the Bhutada family and Banke Bihari family attended the fundraiser to show encouragement and solidarity to the cause.

The fundraiser gave its appreciation to its many volunteers, including DJ and emcee Gordon Deltenre of PRP Entertainment; High School students from Katy ISD, Fort bend ISD, Charity League; event photography by Farhana Tropa; videography by Vijay Prajapati.