Foundation for India Studies Participates in 24th Annual MLK Grand Parade for Seventh Year in a Row


From left: Ravi Brahmbhatt, Pradip Brahmbhatt, Sudhakar Chinasumala, Raghavender Nednur, Neelaveni Oruganti, Krishna Vavilala, Lalith Chinasumala, Pranav Konduri, Rohan Perumaalla, Adarsh Nednur, Saureesh Aparasu, Praveen Kasthala, Aakarsha Saridey, Krishna Marepalli, Hamsini Perumaalla, Keerthana Chinasumala, Rajender Aparasu, Kaumudi Saridey, Shraavya Aparasu, Satish Saridey.

By Pranav Konduri & Shravya Aparasu

HOUSTON: On an unexpectedly clear weather day of fifteenth of January 2018 thousands of Houstonians came together in Midtown Houston to celebrate a momentous occasion, Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. FIS joined the parade to honor a great man who adopted Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of non-violence in his struggle for racial equality and Civil Rights in America akin to Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle for independence in India against the British using non-violent means such as passive resistance.

FIS was a past recipient of the Grand Marshal Award in 2015 under the Chairman ship of Raghavender Nednur, a unique honor bestowed by the MLK Grande Parade Committee.

In some years, Krishna Vavilala and Suresh Shah walked in the parade dressed as Gandhi to send out a message that people in both the countries, America and India are committed to a common desire and walk the same path to achieve Peace and Prosperity.

The parade atmosphere was festive with several school bands and floats playing music and dancing. People lined up on the streets cheering the parade participants, MLK Jr’s Birthday being a declared Government holiday, thousands of people were able to participate in the celebration.

The 24th Annual 2018 MLK Grand Parade this year gives a special meaning to all Indo- Americans because of the parade’s theme “The Color of Unity” that resonates well with India’s Constitutional Unity in Diversity. Event Chair, Raghavender Nednur and Co-Chair, Aakarsha Saridey appreciate the enthusiasm of the participants and recognize the increased participation of youngsters this year.

To know more about FIS, visit or call Krishna Vavilala at 713-795-5169