Gratitude and Remembrance at IMAGH’s Eid Party

Event Committee with Parul Fernandes

By Jawahar Malhotra

SUGAR LAND: The music was light and lively for the flock of people who came together at the Indian Summer restaurant banquet hall to celebrate Eid al Adah on Friday, June 28, albeit over a week after the actual event. Dressed in their traditional finery, the over 100 people mingled and listened to foot-tapping Bollywood music from yesteryear. They served themselves from a appetizer and dinner buffet line and on the outdoor patio, another line waited on freshly made dosas.

Imtiaz Munshi, the man with the golden, smooth voice, had teamed up with Bindu Malhotra – she of the lilting voice – to lead the night with music and songs that caught people’s imaginations and took them back to another time, and another place. As the evening progressed they were joined in by Rafiq Munshi for a medley of Bollywood hits well past midnight. The effervescent Khalid Rizvi recited several limericks in Urdu and snippets from ghazals.

In keeping with the spirit of Ed al Adah, the organizing committee made presentations of plaques to two beloved and senior original members of the Indian Muslim association of greater Houston. With much tenderness, Club 65 President Rahat Kalle remembered the late Shakuntla Malhotra – affectionately called Mama by one and all – who had passed away at the age of 96, just five weeks ago. She presented a plaque to her son – this reporter – recording Mama’s “devotion to the community and dedication to peace and unity”.

Singers Imitiaz Munshi & Bindu Malhotra with admirers

Kaka Shipchandler Honored

Plaque for Mama Shakuntla Malhotra

Kalle and IMAGH President Tasnim Vadva presented the other plaque to 95 year-old Kaka Shipchandler, for his love and devotion to IMAGH. Never one to shy away from an opportunity to sing in his still strong voice, Kaka sat in a chair and sang a long desi ballad. They also handed out gifts to winners of a raffle, including a Father’s Day gift bag to Waseer Musa.

The well attended event was organized by the committee of Tasnim Vadva, Rahat Kalle, Yasmin Udawala, Shaheen Vora, Hina Azam and Ali Dhanji who used all their talents to pull together a smooth and timely program.