Gurgaon Movie Review


STORY: The kidnapping of a dear one forces a real-estate magnate to relive his dark past and seek out the snake in his own family.

REVIEW: Gurgaon begins with a monologue about dropping our civilized appearances and morphing into our true inner beasts. Ironically, the movie doesn’t quite take the leap itself.

We enter its universe with Preet (Khanna), who returns home after getting an education abroad, but is quickly made to drop the worldly woman act and serve pakoras to the men of the house. Her father Kehri Singh (Tripathi) is a superstitious business magnate who believes that his adopted daughter is the source of his fortunes. Her brother, Nikki (Oberoi) is a good-for-nothing heir who bets on cricket matches and dreams of opening his own gym. Nikki loses a big bet and concocts an evil plan to extort the lost money from his own father. The plan goes off-track, bulldozing his future and raising dark incidents from his father’s past.

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