Harmonious Health & Safety Fair Rocked Sharpstown District


By Vanshika Vipin

HOUSTON: Parkway & Parkgreen on Bellaire offers the finest quality of living on Bellaire Boulevard. Central location is the best part of their property.  There is convenience of schools, restaurants, shopping and metro line in the vicinity.  They take pride in being the only Bluestar certified property in China Town.  Members will be spoilt for a choice with facilities such as multiple swimming pools, laundrettes, ample covered parking, balcony, walk-in closets, and many more. Not just that, the units are available in one, two or three bedroom categories.

Parkway & Parkgreen organized a Health & Safety Fair in Bellaire that was more like a full day fun event for the entire families, and more than five hundred families attended it.  The event was held on Saturday, June 11,  at 8000 Bellaire on Waldo St.  It was a full day program from 10 in the morning up to 3 in the afternoon that made the weekend exciting for all the attendees.

Rajmohan Kuniyil who is the Community Supervisor organized the show with the assistance of Christine Harrigan and Carol Fullerton.  Just like we think of doing out bit for the society, it was their noble gesture to return a little back to the community.


The participants included Houston Police Department, Houston Fire Department, Houston Library, Area Nutritionist, Area Pharmacist, Comcast, Iberia Bank and Area Dentists.  They even had Registered Nurses who were training and demonstrating CPR on people.  Then there were YMCA members who were giving tips on pool safety.  It was a give and take interaction as there was so much of learning and teaching.  The attendees took back a whole lot of knowledge from professionals and experts in their respective fields.

A number of fun events ensured to keep the attendees excited and entertained.  There was something for everybody.  To keep the adrenaline rushing, there were activities such as face painting, push up competition, jump rope competition and many more.  This kept the attendees enthusiastic and engaged.  The sporty attendees participated in big numbers and there was amusement for one and all.

As if these fun activities were not enough, there was much more.  The icing on cake was delicious food being offered at the event.  There were pizzas and tamales along with a variety of other finger-licking foods at the event.  The stalls even offered popsicles that provided much needed respite from the heat.

It was indeed very kind of Parkway & Parkgreen on Bellaire to arrange this smashing event not just for their residents but for the entire Sharps Town district community.  The Sharps Town District Administration itself was an active partner for this event. Parkway & Parkgreen on Bellaire look forward to organizing such events for the community at least bi-annually.

For more details contact R. Mohan at 832-878-7258.