How to Incorporate Learning into the Holiday Season

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Once the holidays roll around, it is easy for children to have a more relaxed attitude toward their studies. Backpacks may be stuffed away in the closet filled with folders and books that won’t get touched – proving that learning simply loses its coveted spot as your student’s priority once break begins. However, there are plenty of ways to incorporate educational fun into your kid’s life during this festive time without being overbearing. Here are a few ways to keep their minds fresh during the holidays:

Teaching Math and Measurements While Wrapping Gifts
Receiving gifts is fun, but spending hours wrapping said gifts can be exhausting. To help pass the time, have your kids help out with wrapping presents by teaching basic math skills during the process. Take a ruler and measure out the exact dimensions of each gift and the exact amount of giftwrap you will need. This is a great exercise for mastering measurements.

Calculate the Costs of Gifts Using Simple Math
Calculating and creating a budget for shopping is a surefire way to teach math and spend within your means. Sit down with your kids and write out a list of people you need to buy gifts for.  Help them understand a budgeting process by designating an amount for each person. As you shop, keep a running list of the prices of your purchases and do simple subtraction with your original budget. This can be a great, simple activity that reinforces their curriculum from school.

Stimulate the Brain by Reading a Book or Listening to an Audiobook
A long drive could result in one of the best ways to educate kids. When preparing for a trip, choose a few books for the kids to read during the car ride. Even if you can’t get your hands on the hottest children’s book, try looking for an audio book to purchase online. This can be a fun way to keep the whole family entertained during downtimes and help keep young minds active.

Celebrate the Arts with a Trip to a Museum or Play
During the holiday season, there can be a number of activities that will entice your child’s cultural side. Research free museum days in your area; they can usually be found on weekdays, which is perfect for break! Also look into holiday plays, musicals, and dance performances in your area. An afternoon at a show is always a treat for the young and old, alike.

Learn English Skills by Writing Holiday Cards
Most families send holiday cards and/or thank you notes for gifts, which presents the perfect opportunity to enhance reading, writing, and grammar skills. Instead of going with a pre-written card, try finding a blank one that you and your child can collaborate on. It doesn’t have to be an award-winning novel, but writing a simple note will help teach your kids skills that are often-times overlooked. Even the gesture of sending a handwritten note is a special touch, and will be appreciated by the recipient.

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