ICC Cooking Event Features ‘Chopped’ Judge Maneet Chauhan

Poonam Ahuja and Rajiv Nema, winners of the Golgappa Eating Competition at ICC. (ICC photos) Read more at http://www.indiawest.com/news/11038-icc-cooking-event-features-chopped-judge-maneet-chauhan.html#bPIXobwTajFqptF3.99

Poonam Ahuja and Rajiv Nema, winners of the Golgappa Eating Competition at ICC. (ICC photos)

By Indiawest

MILPITAS, Calif., United States:  The India Community Center here recently celebrated a successful cooking extravaganza, “Cook It Up with ICC,” with renowned chef Maneet Chauhan, who kicked off the evening with a cooking demonstration, creating dishes directly from her new book, “Flavors of My World.”

Embracing traditional Indian street food, a Golgappa Eating Competition featured ten men and ten women chosen randomly by Chauhan who faced each other in separate competitions to earn the title of ‘ICC Gappa Queen’ and ‘ICC Gol King’.

Contestants raced against the clock as their stomachs expanded to house as many golgappas as possible within the allotted time frame to win a Gunter Wilhelm 8” chef’s knife.


Poonam Ahuja succeeded as Gappa Queen, with 24 eaten in one minute, while Rajiv Nema became victorious as Gol King, with 30 eaten in one minute.

Contestants also battled it out to see who would claim the title of ‘ICC Chole Chef 2013’. Chauhan personally sampled each chole dish, with Vinita Prasad coming out on top with the most votes. Her chole boasts traditional style chole with hints of mango.

The lively evening ended with Chauhan autographing books, followed by a donor event.

Chauhan has been featured on “The Next Iron Chef,” “Iron Chef America,” and “Chopped,” where she remains a judge (I-W, May 10).

She has eight years of experience as executive chef for Vermilion Restaurant in New York City and Chicago, earning the restaurants rave reviews from Bon Appétit, USA Today, Time, Esquire, Travel & Leisure, Gourmet, Town & Country, Business Week and O Magazine, as well as getting a stunning three-star review from the Chicago Tribune.

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