IITAGH Hosts Career Insights into Investment Banking


From left:  Mohit Singh, Shantanu Agarwal, Pratish Kanani, Anuj Sharma

HOUSTON: It sounds like the beginning of a joke when you hear “Three investment bankers walked in.”   The IIT Alumni of Greater Houston (IITAGH) hosted another successful event in their Career Insights series, with this one focused on Investment Banking and Private Equity.  It was no joke when the three panelists shared their collective wisdom to 60 or so participants that attended.

The event was kicked off by Pratish Kanani, President IITAGH, who highlighted the IITAGH partnership with the Rice Indo American Business Club to host the Career Insight series.  Professor K. Ramesh, Academic Dean for Special Initiatives, welcomed everyone to Rice University.  The moderator for the event, Sundy Srinivasan, then went on to introduce the panel that included, Mohit Singh, Head of Business Development / SVP Northern BU at BP Lower-48 (and previously at RBC Richardson Barr and Goldman Sachs), Anuj Sharma, Investment Director at Mercuria Energy Group, and Shantanu Agarwal, Partner at Energy Ventures.


Panelists addressing the audience questions

Shantanu shared that, “you will likely burn through 30 million dollars before you become a good venture capitalist,” explaining what it takes to truly learn the ropes.  Mohit explained, “Investment bankers work on lots of proposals for their clients until they lock on a deal that actually moves forward,” when explaining how deals get structured.  When asked about the hours, Anuj shared that “the first 3 to 6 months are tough and grueling, but then you start delivering and earning everyone’s respect.”  The group went on to answer questions about the difference between investment banking and private equity, as well as what it takes to get a job or move into the field.  There were various questions about the need for an MBA, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of having an engineering background and then moving into the field.

In closing, Sundy masterfully probed the panelists, asking if they felt they had added to humanity.  Shantanu explained his role in technology commercialization and supporting nascent technologies, and therefore this contribution to the betterment of society as a result.

The panelists stayed on for an additional hour after the event answering questions and spending time with the audience.  The three investment bankers then walked out.

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