Indian American Community Celebrates BJP Victory at GSH Auditorium

BJP volunteers came on stage for a Victory Party group photo.

BJP volunteers Shalini Kapoor (left), Umang Mehta Suresh Patel and Ramesh Shah, and Megha Raja.

HOUSTON: To celebrate the stupendous performance of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance in the recently concluded Lok Sabha Elections in India, the Indian American community in Houston hosted a celebration event to mark the occasion. Around 400 people joined the event and over 50 volunteers were recognised on stage for their efforts.

Various community leaders, volunteers and members of the Indian diaspora participated in this event. The event started with a presentation by the local team on the performance of the BJP in the elections. They went through the historic mandate and the vote share received by the BJP. Along with that they also shared the speeches of PM Narendra Modi, Chandra babu Naidu and Nitish Kumar. The event took place at Friday night, June 7th, at GHS event centre. Modiji also visited Houston in 2019 for the “Howdy Modi” event and inaugurated this venue.

Speaking to the crowd, community leader Ramesh Shah spoke about his visit to over 110 villages in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh for campaigning. He said everywhere he went he saw and heard from the villagers about the development that happened under Narendra Modi, especially when it came to gas cylinders under the Ujjwala scheme, and the Jan Dhan Yojana.

The presenters Shalini Kapoor and Megha Raja highlighted various facts about the phone call campaign initiated from Houston where volunteers stayed up all night and called people in India to highlight the development work done under PM Modi.

Shravanthi Thirunagari highlighted how in a mere few days with the help of volunteers how an app was developed and the efforts to call people was digitized.

One of the speakers, Haku Israni , who organised the first BJP event in Houston for Shri LK Advani. He spoke about the importance of media representation and how the bias in prominent western media must be countered and corrected. He also mentioned how coming together and working hard is the reason for the success of the event.

Event coordinators Achalesh Amar and Umang Mehta helped coordinate the event smoothly and recognized the hard work of all the volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the campaign.

Volunteers who went to India for the campaign in India – Ramesh Shah, Sudhi Seshachala, Prasad Gurajala , and Punit Shah – discussed their experiences and how PM Narendra Modi’s efforts positively impacted them.

Upcoming community leader Kapil Sharma took a humorous dig about the claims of the opposition and highlighted some interesting facts to hammer home the point about the historic victory of the NDA alliance.

Sambit Pradhan and Swagatika Nayak – two representatives from Odisha – spoke about the breakthrough of BJP in their state in forming a government there and reasons behind the success.

The last speaker of the day, Suresh Patel was one of the few yoga teachers in the 1980s in Houston and he talked about the importance of celebrating International Yoga Day and highlighted the role of PM Modi in promoting the World Yoga Day.