Keeping Kids Creative In the Summer Months


Summer is a wonderful time for family bonding and adventures. With the joys of the season comes the challenge of keeping kids mentally stimulated while they’re away from the classroom – especially if you’re on a budget. This is not limited to purely academic thinking, but also to imaginative reasoning.

Best in Class Education Center helps K-12 students achieve academic success through personalized educational programs. The supplemental learning company is dedicated to seeking out new learning opportunities for both students and their parents. Best in Class encourages you to foster your child’s capacity for creative thought this summer with these six tips:

Family YouTube Channel
Capture precious moments of your child’s youth while also allowing for creative expression by starting a family YouTube channel. Kids love having the opportunity to play different roles, which encourages them to explore and invent new stories. This will make for a nice video keepsake down the road too! For parents concerned with online privacy, set your channel to private.

Neighborhood Book Club
Unite the children of the neighborhood with an organized family book club. Take turns choosing creative, age appropriate content to read as a group. This will expose children to new concepts and encourage reading for fun. It may also provide an excellent opportunity for your child to make a new friend.

Sidewalk Chalk
This beloved pastime can be surprisingly educational. Create a maze to encourage critical thinking, play a few rounds of Pictionary or have a little family drawing competition. The beauty of sidewalk chalk is the versatility of the medium to create learning opportunities. It even doubles as a great summer bonding activity, as it gets the family outside and enjoying the weather!

Scavenger Hunt
What’s more creative than a mystery? Hide riddles around the house for your children to find and decipher. Having a prize at the end will keep them excited, and the clues will keep them thinking. Planning the scavenger hunt will stretch your creative thought as well and can be fun for the whole family.

Go to the Theatre
Sometimes a change of scenery can do wonders for the imagination. Take your kids to a theatre production and see where the new ideas will take them. Theatre production doesn’t have a screen like the movie theatres do, so it’s a new type of entertainment – and, after the performance, you can ask what they thought or have them suggest an alternative ending to the story. Get the conversation flowing and see what ideas you can spark from the experience.

Not only does this activity allow for artistic expression, but it is also a great way for students to practice their numbers outside of the classroom. This fun and educational activity is sure to be a hit with kids who like to craft.

To help your student exceed his or her academics goals, a local resource, Best in Class Education Center, offers a variety of customized, supplemental enrichment courses and tutoring options to ensure your students are equipped with the tools they need this school year.

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