Liberal immigrations norms make Canada new destination for techies

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NEW DELHI: With US tech visas getting more difficult for Indians, Canada is the new destination. For Indian techie entrepreneurs and even venture capitalists, Canada is making it easier to make it their home.

Canada’s immigration minister Chris Alexander told TOI in a conversation, “We are telling all brilliant young technology minds, ‘if you can get Canadian venture capital, or an angel investor to back you with funds or just with their time, we offer you permanent residence.’ No one else in the world does that. It’s a pilot project and we already have a couple of hundred applications in process.”

On the other hand, if you are an investor yourself, the path to permanent residency in Canada is easier. “If an Indian wants to buy a Canadian company, he is most welcome. If they are there as the manager or the principal for a year they can apply to be a permanent resident,” Alexander said….

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