Mayor, Advisory Board Launch AAPI National Convention in Houston

HOUSTON: On June 5, 2024, Mayor John Whitmire joined the AAPI Advisory Board in announcing the launch of the AAPI NATIONAL CONVENTION HOUSTON.

At the press conference, AAPI Advisory Board Chairman Nomi Husain introduced the Convention as a first-of-its-kind event aimed at “bringing together the various AAPI communities throughout the country to create a platform of collaboration.” Chairman Husain stated: “The AAPI community in Houston is large and diverse, and it is also large and diverse around the country. There are business groups, social groups, professional groups, but there has never been a convention bringing all of these groups together into one city for one convention.”

AAPI Advisory Board Convention Committee Chair Muhammad Saeed Sheikh provided Convention details. “The theme of the inaugural AAPI National Convention Houston is Uplifting AAPI, Uniting Communities. By mobilizing and strengthening a powerful coalition of AAPI leaders, we will be celebrating the AAPI community’s diversity and collective power.” Convention Chair Saeed Sheikh added that schedule highlights for the July 27th event include keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and a gala.

Mayor Whitmire commended the Convention initiative calling it a “celebration of the community, the diversity [and] the opportunity” of Houston. Mayor Whitmire also emphasized “we are witnessing what makes Houston great — the leadership, the diversity.”

The AAPI Advisory Board is grateful for Mayor Whitmire’s leadership and support for the AAPI community.

Watch the press conference in full on HTV: