Multi-talented Actor, Artist Bud Patel has Many Projects Underway

By Dr. Sarita Mehta

HOUSTON: Bud Patel, renowned film Producer of “A Curry on an American Plate” which is streaming on Amazon Prime, an official selection at the 2018 Hoboken International Film Festival and also in 2018 NIFF International Film Festival in Houston, is coming with live stage show an epic Hindi drama based on life of Shirdi Ke Sai Baba.” Sai Leela- Hindi Drama.

Bud, also known as Bradresh Patel, a person of versatile personality, producer, director and director, has acted in over 150 short films stage shows in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, and Bengali Drama in Mumbai, Houston, and Toronto Canada. I feel immense pleasure to present him.

Question 1: Tell us about you and how and when you started your acting career?
I am Microbiologist and my profession was in medical field and worked in Medical Laboratory. I am also Hotelier and build Hotels in Houston. My passion is acting which started at the age of 7 in school. Later worked in Marathi Dramas in Mumbai at Shivaji Natya Mandir & Chabildas Natya Mandir in Dadar Mumbai. I went to school for film making and script writing, I also teach on camera acting and stage acting for aspiring actors.

Question 2: Tell us about your next projects
We have just finished shooting short Hindi web-series “Inverted Coma” it is murder mystery. Also working on short film called “Identified” which is based on social media abuse. But most importantly and currently producing lavish Broadway-style Hindi drama on the life of Shirdi Ke Sai Baba (SAI-LEELA)

Question 3: Tell us about Sai-Leela Drama and how it was conceptualized
I had a life threating surgery last year and was in hospital for long time and was praying Sai-Baba for speedy recovery. That’s when it conceptualized and once I was out of hospital it all started with three friends, writer Dr. Arun Banker and actor Vibhas Dhurandhar. Three of us worked tirelessly on story, concept, and stage play and completed the script in three months. Once the sript was ready we had multiple session of script reading with actors and made multiple revisions to make a bounded script that is inspiring and divine. The story has many dramatic and comedy scene with special effects, the dialogue are very well written by Dr. Banker.

Question 4: Tell us about cast, crew, sets and costume.
As we were writing the stage play, casting was done simultaneously and most of the actors that are casted are first choice. We have about 39 actors playing various role, some of them are playing double & triple roles. With Baba’s blessing we also have team of best sound engineer, best musicians, best choreographer, and best light director. We have hired Set Designer to create sets. The properties has been imported from India. The custom made costume has been ordered for each character, especially Sai-Baba’s costume and Marathi Navwari Sarees for each character.

Question 5: What is unique about the drama, I have heard there are some special effects
Yes you have heard it right, we have loads of special effects because Sai-Baba is known for performing miracle, for example lighting Diya’s with water (without oil) and other trick scene. Other important factor is script and dialogue. It is not pre-recorded each actor will deliver their dialogue live in front of our audience, a difficult task to remember each line and act at the same time. All our actors are very hard working, dedicating and professional

Question 6: When is your premier show and how long is the show?
The premier show is on Friday June 7th @ 8:00 PM at Old Stafford Civic Center. The show is 2:45 hours with interval. We will have food booth on the day of event. We also have been approach by many organization and have requested to perform in Austin, San Antonio and Seattle.