Salman Khan: I am not a husband material, I am the father type

Salman Khan, 48, clearly gets his kick in life from giving to others. His goodness shows not just in his actions, but also on his face, which today is looking better than ever before. He doesn’t shy from his weaknesses or erring like any other human being, but prides himself on being trustworthy and a family man. Ahead of his upcoming entertainer Kick that has given India a kick, he tells us what gives him an adrenaline rush in his life. Excerpts
What gives you a kick in your life?
It keeps changing, but at this point in time in my life, I want that people should have so much trust in me that they should know that agar isne keh diya na, toh he will try his best to make it happen. Secondly, that we trust him and that he will never cheat us. If he is saying something, blindly trust him. That would be perhaps the most difficult task to achieve in your lifetime. Marne ke baad toh sab log bol lete hain the man was good. But while I am alive, I want people to be able to trust me blindly. My life’s ambition is to take Being Human to such a level that a 100 years or 200 years down the line, it should be the biggest brand in the world. The actor would be forgotten, but it would be difficult for anybody to surpass this mammoth of a charitable trust. My life’s ambition is for people to know that the money goes towards charity and not towards administrative costs. I hope people from constituencies invite us to take care of their constituencies. Not as politicians, but as social workers. They should feel that yeh Being Human social party ko khada karo. They will do their best. This is the way I look at politics. Politics for me is social work….


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