Six Tips for Traveling with Kids this Summer


HOUSTON: While summer is the perfect time to take that trip your family has been wanting to go on, traveling with kids can often add a bit of stress to the trip. Away from home and off of the normal schedule and routine, little ones can sometimes act out. In order to keep everyone in the family happy, healthy, and always learning this summer, Best in Class Education Center compiled a list of our best tips for making the most of your family vacation.

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Here are six tips to guide you through making the most out of your summer travels with the whole family:

Always Plan Extra Time
Plan ahead and always give yourself extra time. The more people in your family you are traveling with, the more time you can get stuck waiting for someone to go to the restroom, leave something at home, or even get stuck in traffic. To keep your trip stress-free, give yourself extra time to get to the airport or drive to your destination.

Keep Games on Hand
Have a number of family games ready to play, especially in case of a delay on the road or in the airport. Along with the family’s favorite games, try to also include at least one or two that are new to keep kids engaged and learning. Card games, board games, or even old-fashioned road trip games like I Spy are fun to teach children.

Snacks Are a Must
Keeping snack on hand is a must when traveling with kids. Whether you are in the car or getting on a plane, having pre-packed snacks will avoid multiple stops and unhealthy options that you may not normally allow your children to eat at home.

Junior Travel Journalist
Have your child keep a travel journal to document all of the fun adventures during your travels. Whether they write during the trip or once you arrive at your destination, have your child try to remember what they saw, how they felt, and what they did to improve their memory and practice writing skills.

Offline Gaming
If you don’t want to use up all of your phone’s data, download a few apps or games that work offline for your kids to play on your phone or tablet. In order to make sure they fully take in their surroundings and experience the trip, make sure to limit use of electronics and games.

Summer Reading Club
Bring along your child’s summer homework or reading to avoid summer learning loss. Always have a book for your child to read, or try listening to audiobooks while in the car or in their headphones.

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