Sugar Coated Black Comedy: Sakhar Khalela Manus


By Ameya Wakde

HOUSTON: Sanskar, LLC organized its first superhit sugar coated black comedy Marathi drama, “Sakhar Khalela Manus”, on 8th Oct 2017 at Berry Center, Cypress, TX. Sanskar, LLC formed by Megha Ozarker aims to present and explore Indian traditional and cultural values more and more in Houston area by presenting various forms of arts, culture, and food. Bringing the Marathi drama to Houston was one of the intents to bring the Maharashtrian diaspora closer to the heart of Marathi arts.

The Houston show was the 174th show of “Sakhar Khalela Manus”.  The Marathi Play is written by Vidyasagar Adhyapak and directed by Chandrakant Kulkarni. The play was witnessed by an audience of 450+ Houstonians. The play revolves around a father, Prashant Damle, who sells life insurance plans to support customer’s future, and eventually falls prey to diabetes. Diabetes is one of the lifestyle ailment on the rise in India. The play manages to tickle your funny bone without taking away from the seriousness of the ailment. Shubhangi Gokhale plays the role of a caring and harried wife. Rucha Apte plays a dashing daughter. Adhokshaj Karhade plays the role of Rucha’s boyfriend who is very simple and dearly loves Rucha.


Expertly penned down by Vidyasagar Adhyapak, the production is brought alive with power-packed performances by Prashant Damle and Shubhangi Gokhale. Prashant Damle has been associated with Marathi theatre since 1983 and has the world record of playing in more than 13,000 dramas. He simply enthralls the audience with his impeccable timing in delivering comedy. He has an inherent aptitude and passion for acting. He is also blessed with a melodious voice that is visible in his tonal elegance as he gets once more from the audience. Prashant’s acting and Chandrakant Kulkarni’s direction is commendable. Shubhangi Gokhale was a perfect pair against Prashant with her role as a simple, caring, and yet vexed wife calling upon a banter that is thoroughly enjoyable. Hats off to the young Rucha Apte and Adhokshaj Karhade who also gave a wonderful performance. Modern theatrical productions are often enhanced by technical sound and lighting technicians.  Kishore Ingle and Prakash Khot from India also provided flawless lighting and sound technical support which enhanced the experience.  It is a recommended watch for everyone.

Eighteen shows of Sakhar Khalela Manus are scheduled all over US including major cities Seattle, Detroit, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New Jersey etc.

The complete set was developed in 3 weeks by Ravi and Megha Ozarker and their son Aakash on June 30th three months before the event.  The set was designed by Pradeep Mule.  The set was assembled in less than 5 hours by friends on 8th October. Rucha Apte said the stage was the closest matching set built so far that was a replica of the set in India. Houstonians have definitely raised the bar.

Thanks to Natyasargam/Ajay Patwardhan who organized the USA tour of play cast. Thanks to the sponsors of the program Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM), Yogesh & Shital Patil Realtors, Kavadi Family of Houston, PNG Jewelers, YUPPTV. Thanks to all the friends who helped make this event successful including Aakash Ozarker, Aditya Nikam, Ameya Wakde, Bhakti Naik, Isha Amte, Prasad Kavthekar, Rakesh Naik, Rashmee Joshi, Samir Patil, Saurabh Joshi, Supriya Sheth, Tejas Ghorpade, Vidhula Bhadkmkar, Vrushali Kavthekar, Ravi Ozarker!

Heartiest Congratulations to Megha and Sanskar LLC for their first super hit show.

Thanks to Sanskar LLC for bringing this wonderful play to the Houston audience.

Best wishes to the SKM team for remaining shows in US.