Trikaldarshi Mahayogi Baba Lokenath, God Who Walked The Earth

“Whenever you are in danger, Remember Me, I will save you”


HOUSTON: We are often inclined to focus on God as the Creator of the Universe and as our personal protector and savior. During every age, however, God also enters human form to embody Perfect Love, Compassion, Humility and Divinity for all humankind. Those manifestations of God in human form inspire and gently remind us that Divinity exists within each of us and that it is both our potential and our destiny to one day attain that same, perfect union with God. The world today is actively blessed by one of God’s great Himalayan saints, Brahmarishi Baba Lokenath, who became God in Human Form after 80 years of yogic austerities. Baba Lokenath lived from 1730-1890. Such a life span, though difficult to grasp by the western mind, is not unheard of among great Yogis.

Lived in the forests for 25 years, selflessly serving his master and practicing the Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali along with the most difficult Hatha Yoga. After this he traveled to the Himalayas where he meditated in the nude for nearly five decades. Finally, he attained enlightenment at the age of ninety. After his enlightenment he traveled extensively on foot to Afghanistan, Persia, Arabia and Israel, making three pilgrimages to Mecca.

Lokenath Baba preached in very simple way to his devotees.

Baba said:

  • Whenever you’re in danger, whether in war, forest, ocean or jungle, remember Me. I shall save you.
  • You may not know me. You may not realize who I am. Just pray to me with a little touch of your heart, and I shall free you from gripping sorrows and miseries.
  • I willingly reveal myself to you. Therefore, you are in a position to reach me, or else, it is impossible.
  • No power on heaven or earth can damage the devotees who take shelter under me. For there is none greater than me to punish you.
  • I can do whatever I like. It is only your lack of trust, your non-belief, that keeps your desires unfulfilled.
  • For those who with love and devotion surrender to me, if they are in trouble, my heart melts. This is my compassion. And with my compassion, my power flows out to them, freeing them from miseries and unhappiness.

I am Eternal. I am Deathless. I AM.

For more than a hundred years, I have traveled through the hills and mountains and have amassed enough spiritual treasures. You shall sit at home and enjoy the fruits of my austerities.

My child, never miss the opportunity to meet the realized saints, for their blessings and presence will inspire deeper devotion and love for the divine and Guru. Satsang,
being in the company of the holy ones, who live the truth is the greatest blessing of the Lord.

I have everything in me. What you need in life, you have only to take.

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