When Sushant failed to inform girlfriend Ankita about his kiss in Byomkesh Bakshy


Sushant Singh Rajput is one loyal boyfriend. The actor who has been dating TV actress Ankita Lokhande for years now makes it a point to call up and tell her before performing any intimate scene onscreen with other actresses. The only time he missed telling Ankita about his intimate scene was during the filming of Detective Byomkesh Bakshy when he was not aware of the ‘kiss’ himself.

Revealing this was Sushant himself to us. Said Sushant, ” Every time there are any such scenes (intimate), I make it a point to call up and tell Ankita about it so that she is mentally prepared. But here Dibakar (Banerjee) played a bad game with me. He wanted to capture my natural reaction and didn’t tell me about the kissing scene in the movie. So when the first take happened I reacted the way the character was supposed to react as per the script. Dibakar then said let’s do one more take. Finally the shot was okayed after six takes.”


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