YLDP Students Visit CHR Solutions


By Sairahul Adharapurapu

HOUSTON: On January 11, YLDP gave a group of students the opportunity to meet two great entrepreneurs, James Taylor, CEO of CHR Solutions, Inc. and Dr. Arun Pasrija, COO and President of CHR Solutions, Inc. At this amazing event the two Entrepreneurs talked to us about their personal life story, tips for success, what CHR Solutions does, and they gave us a tour. The most interesting part for me was their life story and tips for success. James Taylor’s personal story was extremely interesting because it showed how hard work and determination could eventually pay off and result in success. A very intelligent man from a young age Taylor excelled in all his classes and went to college. Taylor then dropped out of college and pursued his goal of being an entrepreneur. Persevering in the face of adversity is an important characteristic and Taylor exemplifies that, he had three or four failed business ventures before he got his first one up and running. In order to create this business he partnered with Dr. Arun Pasrija, a man who arrived in America with a loan that needed to be paid and maybe one or two contacts. By coincidence they met and created that YLDP had the pleasure to visit, CHR Solutions Inc. They also gave us a small description of what CHR Solutions Inc. does; it is a leading provider of telecommunications consulting, technology systems and business solutions to telecom companies around the world. The company was started as Global 1 Source Group in 2003 which then merged with CHR Solutions Inc. Over time CHR Solutions Inc. has acquired various other companies and the leaders of the Company Taylor and Dr. Pasrija has worked on numerous other business ventures and projects, both independently and separately. This YLDP session was amazing because the people who it was centered around had a lot of interesting information to give.