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Mama’s Punjabi Recipes — Bhature (Deep Fried Bread)

When a Punjabi thinks of chole (chickpeas), the word bhature (deep fried bread) probably comes to his mind right away as it is one half of the very popular dish, chole bhature. One half the flavor comes from each of the two parts: you can certainly eat chole with roti or chawal (rice), but the […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes — Bhature wale Chole (Chick Peas for Deep Fried Bread)

If ever there was a Punjabi dish that took off all over India, it probably has to be chole bhature (chickpeas and deep fried bread). It is a dish that is at once spicy, eaten with plenty of garnishes like raw onions, sprinkled with chopped coriander leaves, achaar (pickles) and with those long, spicy green […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes – Gajjar ka Achar (Carrot Pickles)

Gajar ka Achar (Carrot Pickles)                       Punjabis love to eat their food with some sort of condiments – whether it be pickles, chutneys, white radishes or just plain raw onions – to get the last bit of maaza (enjoyment) out of each mouthful. Since the […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes Gajar da Halwa (Carrot Halwa)

For Punjabis, carrots are one of the few vegetables that can be cooked in many ways: as a pickle, pulped as a juice, as a spicy dish with peas or methi (fenugreek) or sweet as a pudding or halwa. And it is as the halwa that carrots are served the most, now not just in […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes Palak or Saag Paneer (Spinach & Indian Cheese)

There is probably no other Punjabi dish more popular worldwide than palak paneer also known as saag paneer. It can be found in any restaurant that serves North Indian food just about anywhere you go and what’s both pleasantly surprising and pleasing is how kids of all ages eagerly go straight to this vegetarian dish. […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes

Kanji  (Black Carrot Juice) There are many benefits attributed to carrot juice, but in North India where black carrots are readily available, the juice of these carrots is called kanji and it is considered much superior to red carrot juice. Black carrots contain anthocyanins which are flavonoids with many more antioxidants properties than red carrots. […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes Aloo Wadiyan (POTATO & SUN DRIED LENTIL DUMPLING CURRY)

  Wadiyan are by far the most Punjabi of all foods and in fact, the Punjab border town of Amritsar is famous for its aromatic and spicy version, along with Amritsari papad. There is a bazaar behind the Golden Temple complex which is known for its foodstuff and a whole lane is devoted to these […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes — Hyderabadi Baingan (HYDERABAD STYLE EGGPLANT)

Ingredients:  • 1 kg small elongated baingan (eggplant) • 2 medium pyaaz (onion) peeled and finely chopped • 2 medium tamater (tomato) – soft ones are best, chopped • 5 cloves of lasan (garlic) peeled and finely chopped • 1 tablespoon adrak (gin ger) – peeled and finely chopped • 6 tablespoons of veg etable […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes — Besan ka Pooda (CHICKPEA FLOUR PANCAKES)

Besan (chickpea or garbanzo) flour is used throughout India to make many dishes and is commonly used for batter to make pakoras or fritters in. In Punjab, the popular dishes using besan are kaddi (see IAN dated Jan. 18, 2013) and besan di sabzi or gutte. This is also a quick dish and it resembles […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes —- Masaladaar Bhune Pyaaz ka Pulao (Spicy Sauteed Onion Pilaf)

This is the second pulao recipe that I use and it is tasty and unique because the rice comes out looking brown, but it is not made with brown rice. The rice still has the distinct taste and aroma of regular basmati rice and because of the way it is made, the pulao has an […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes – Baingan da Bhartha (Spicy Eggplant Puree)

Baingan da Bhartha (Spicy Eggplant Puree)   Eggplant are very popular in India and especially in the North where the most popular dish is baingan bhartha which is cooked with lots of onions; some people even add peas (fresh shelled ones are best) for an added taste. The plant that bears the eggplant is native […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes – Ande ki Bhurji (Spicy Scrambled Eggs)

Ande ki Bhurji (Spicy Scrambled Eggs)  Here is a very easy recipe that is also very fast to make. It comes in handy when you have a starving bunch of people who crave for the desi taste of food. I have made it many times for my two grown grandsons and watched in delight as […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes – Aloo Baingan (POTATOES AND EGGPLANT)

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes – Aloo Baingan (POTATOES AND EGGPLANT)

Aloo Baingan (POTATOES AND EGGPLANT) Eggplant are very popular in India per se and especially so in the North where they are generally cooked in only a few variants, with the most popular being the bhartha or the dish that is presented here, aloo baingan. The plant that bears the eggplant is native to the […]