Fraudsters who target Indians entering the US on work visas and green card are still very active


On September 6, around 1.50 pm, a new immigrant to the US from India, who wishes to be identified as AS, received a call purportedly from the American emergency service 911. “My phone ID just showed ‘Emergency Number’. I picked it up, curious to know why they would call me. And my ordeal started,” AS told ET.

From the earliest reports available in public records, this is a scam  that is now five years old. A scam where a person posing as an officer from the state or federal police of the US, or belonging to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), or the Internal Revenue Service (depending on the status and income of the victim), calls people, usually of Indian origin, and threatens them with instant deportation for either not submitting a form, or not updating it or not complying with tax payments, all of which is imaginary.


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