Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd. Movie Review

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STORY: Two Punjabi men, who pride themselves for being inconsequential to the world, are sent off on a vital undercover mission. The Indian ambassador of Fiji get kidnapped and mistaking them for secret agents, RAW head sends them to bring back the bureaucrat.

REVIEW: This film gives annoying a new meaning. It takes special kind of talent to make something as boring, ridiculous, vain and unfunny as this. It will be blasphemous to call it a comedy. And the fact that it stars the funny guy Vir Das and the witty Boman Irani, is a shame. The lethargic writing and amateurish humour doesn’t have a hint of vibrancy. It is as dull as dull gets and even triple strength Americano can’t help you stay awake while watching this muddled mess.

So what goes wrong? The story is implausible. Evidently, the writers took it for granted that the audience leaves behind their brains at home when they go to watch a film. What’s worse is that the screenplay doesn’t have an ounce of effervescence. They are flat lines, fashioned as jokes, strung together as screenplay and passed off as a film. The writers haven’t wasted a single drop their ink or an iota of their grey matter in the script.

Besides the leads, who are blank and caricaturish, a horde of talented artistes have been wasted. Be it Sanjay Mishra, Ram Kapoor, Neha Dhupia or Lisa Haydon, their disinterest shows on them. They deliver lines with a straight face and look perpetually bored. God bless Vijay Raaz for doing his best to salvage the damp show.

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