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Managing the Stresses of Complicated Interfaith Relationships

Managing the Stresses of Complicated Interfaith Relationships

HOUSTON: There is often a large gap between the expectations of parents and their children about the child’s choice of a life partner. In the Western world, young adults can easily date people from other faiths during their college years. So, it should come as no surprise that this young generation of Indo-American Dharmics (Hindus, […]

Hindus of Greater Houston: On to Wider Agenda and Broader Leadership

By Dr. Venugopal Menon HOUSTON: With well over a hundred thousand and steadily growing population, Hindus are distinctly the third largest religious community in the Greater Houston area.  The last four decades witnessed the creation of several temples and organizations catering to the spiritual, social and philosophic needs of the faith, engaging various sections of […]

Hindus Help Yezidis Spread Awareness About Genocide of Yezidis

By Achalesh Amar HOUSTON: The Yezidi – Hindu Coalition efforts on raising awareness about the humanitarian crisis faced by Yezidi people in northern Iraq have gained momentum over last three weeks. The group comprises of distinguished members from both Yezidi and Hindu communities in USA and Canada, and has itself has grown from  24 to […]