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Mama’s Punjabi Recipes: Khichdi (Rice & Moong Lentils) Slow Cooker Recipe

Khichdi is a very popular dish, especially if you are short of time, have no ideas for a creative meal or, as is very often the case, just want some comfort food to eat with mango pickle and plain yogurt. Khichdi is basically made from rice and dal (lentils) and is a relatively cheap meal […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes: Channe di Dal di Khichdi (Rice & Channa Lentils)

There are many variations in the ingredients that you can use to make khichdi, just as there are many types of paranthas. It all depends on your taste and also the foods you ate while growing up. Though khichdi is basically made from chawal (rice) and dal (lentils), its popularity among many families comes from […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes: Sabudana Khichdi (Tapioca & Potatoes)

    Khichdi is usually made from rice and dal (lentils) and is commonly considered an easy-to-cook comfort food, but it can also be made from sabudana (tapioca) in much the same way as making sabudana kheer, except the khichdi is salty instead of sweet. It is made mostly during fasts or during the navaratri […]