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Mama’s Punjabi Recipes – Hatch Pepper Di Sabzi (Sauteed Hatch Pepper)

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes – Hatch Pepper Di Sabzi (Sauteed Hatch Pepper)

In the southern US, a large green pepper which is very hot is usually available during the summer months in large quantities. These are called “hatch peppers” and for six weeks are plentiful and really inexpensive. In India, these types of peppers are not available, and the closest thing is bell peppers which aren’t as […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes – Pethe Da Halwa (Pumpkin Halwa)

When an Indian – especially a North Indian – thinks of petha (pumpkin), their first thought goes towards the famous white, crystallized petha of Agra where entire shops are devoted to various flavors of this sweet delicacy and not one street is without a pethawala. Agra petha is so well known and popular that when […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes – Coconut di Burfi (Coconut Milk Squares)

Burfi is one of the most common and popular confections in India and is widely available all over India. It’s a favorite of little kids in particular as they can gobble up the burfi pieces which are cut into squares or diamond shapes. When my kids were little, they would call my younger brother burfi […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes – Soya Bean Te Palak Da Omlet (Soybean & Spinach Omelette)

For those who don’t eat ande (eggs) but need to have extra protein in the diet, this vegetarian dish can be very nourishing and satisfying, as it looks, cooks and fluffs up like an omelette and also it is very easy and fast to make. About 25 years ago, small, one-inch round soybean wadiyan (dumplings) […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes – Aaloo Di Bhurji (Chopped Potato & Onion Sautee)

The lowly aaloo (potato) is probably one of the most commonly eaten vegetable in the world and is certainly one of the cheapest. It is found just about everywhere; there are stunted, small varieties found even among the sand soils of the desert in Rajasthan and West Africa where potatoes are especially pricey. Due to […]

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes – Sarson ka Saag (Mashed Mustard Greens)

Mama’s Punjabi Recipes – Sarson ka Saag (Mashed Mustard Greens)

Due to popular request by several readers, this recipe is being re-printed.  Sarson ka saag (mashed mustard greens) is a dish that even those not from the Punjab know very well for its wonderful slightly bitter taste and the wonderful, thick makki di roti (corn flour bread) that it is devoured with. If you add […]