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Review of “Bhopal”

HOUSTON: In a scene towards the beginning of Rahul Varma’s “Bhopal,” Devraj Sarthi, an ambitious and eager employee of Karbide International, claims to his boss Warren Anderson, that the pesticide he wants to produce in India “will touch many lives.” The audience know the dark and terrible implications of this line, but unfortunately, Sarthi does […]

Shunya Ends 2014 with Bhopal

HOUSTON: Shunya Theatre, Houston’s non-profit South Asian dramatic organization, ends its 2014 season with the regional opening of “Bhopal,” a drama that is set against the backdrop of the worst industrial tragedy in history. While thirty years ago the Bhopal tragedy shocked the world when it killed thousands and maimed hundreds of thousands, today it […]

Shunya’s “Jungle Book”

Shunya’s “Jungle Book”

By Neeta Patwardhan HOUSTON: As human conflict rages globally, Shunya’s musical – The Jungle Book comes at an apt time. Based on a stage adaption of the original work, the play examines a search for our identity as well as how perceived differences prevent peaceful co-existence. While such subject matter is the bane of political […]