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Urge to Reconcile and Bind a War Torn Society Leads to Visible Role in Sri Lankan Government

By Jawahar Malhotra HOUSTON: It was a civil war that lasted 26 years and tore apart the fabric of the country, with death and destruction wreaking havoc far from the Jafna Peninsula, the epicenter of the conflict, to the streets of Columbo, the Sri Lankan capital on the western seaboard. Countless people were caught within […]

Willy Honors Sri Lankan Minister at Garden Party

  By Mitan Sidhu SUGAR LAND: On Thursday, October 9, well-known immigration attorney, George Willy, and his wife, Shanti, threw an informal outdoor dinner party at their beautiful home in Sugar Land for the visiting Sri Lankan Cabinet Minister, Vasudeva Nanyakkara. The senior Minister has been working relentlessly to bring about reconciliation between the divisive […]