Zafar “Zaf” Tahir Appointed to the Planning Commission (Houston Airports Commission) by Mayor Turner


HOUSTON: According to Mayor of Houston TX 2017 Planning Commission Appointment Letter dated January 10, 2017, Honorable Mayor Sylvester Turner requested for approval by the City Council appointment of Zafar “Zaf” Tahir to Position Three of Planning Commission of the City of Houston.

This confirmation from the City of Houston (CoH) came as Agenda Item # 3 during the Wednesday, January 25, City Council Meeting, where in the presence of more than 200 family members, friends, and well-wishers of Zaf Tahir, the historic affirmation of Zaf Tahir to the topmost Commission of CoH (Planning) took place.

Several City Councilperson and Mayor spoke highly of Zaf Tahir and his abilities as Engineer, Businessperson, and Lawyer to serve on the Commission in the most diligent manner.


Zaf Tahir said that he is proud of having served Houston in the past, and is grateful to the city leadership for opportunities provided. He thanked the diverse Houston Community, where people from several facets and backgrounds had packed the City Council Chamber to witness this occasion. He added that this position does not belong only to him, but the position also belongs to all the many accomplished businesspersons, engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, and others present in the City Council Room that morning, whose good advice and support will be needed to accomplish the objectives of this position for the betterment of City of Houston.

After the City Council ratification of Zaf Tahir to the Planning Commission, all the guest gathered on the first floor of City of Houston building, where Honorable Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee joined everyone to present Zaf Tahir Special Congressional Proclamation on the occasion of his appointment to the Planning Commission of the City of Houston.

In a Facebook message, Zaf Tahir said: “You and I and We – are in this together. Our plans, dreams, desires, fears, and apprehensions are all here. We will watch each other’s back and lift each other on our shoulders. My appointment: It’s a journey on which all of us are participating and moving forward. May this be good for all of us, our children, this city and this region.”

Present on the occasion were Honorable Sultan Bin Abdullah AL-Angary (Counsel General of Saudi Arabia); Honorable Ferhat Alkan (Counsel General of Turkey); Honorable Aisha Farooqui (Counsel General of Pakistan); Zaf Tahir’s wife and two sons; and many other community persons.

This nomination by Mayor Turner is in accordance to the State of Texas Local Government Code, Chapters 211 and 212; City of Houston, Texas Code. Members of the Planning Commission also serve as members of the Airport Commission.

In the past, Zaf Tahir has worked as the Co-Chair of Mayor Lee P. Brown’s Transition Team (1997); Public Works Citizens’ Commission (1998-2003); Chair of Mayor White’s Taskforce Safety and Security for Small Retail (2007); and Mayor’s International Advisory on Trade under Mayors Brown, White, and Parker (1998-2015).