Gujarati Sahitya Sarita Celebrates ‘Juimela’ Festival

President Fateh Ali, with Executive Members of GSS & Guest of Honor Dr. Usha Upadhyaya, Devika Dhruv, Shaila Munshaw and Avani Mehta.


SUGAR LAND: On 27th May, the 197th meeting of GSS (Gujarati Sahitya Sarita) was held and celebrated in the name of ‘Juimela’ at Austin Parkway, Sugarland’s conference center. The GSS, Houston team had invited a main guest speaker Dr. Usha Upadhyay, who is a scholar of Gujarati language having Ph.D. degree, earned many awards for her work and also is a great poet and professor at Gujarat Vidyapith in Ahmedabad. Houston’s poet Devika Dhruva was an Emcee of the function.

In the beginning, Bhavna Desai sang prayer of Saraswati. The president of GSS, Fateh ali Chatur, welcomed the guest, Vice President Shaila Munshaw gave a detailed introduction of Dr.Usha Upadhyay and an Emcee Devika Dhruva invited the main speaker to the forum for her speech.

Dr. Ushaben presented interesting information about the background of the name ‘Juimela”, encouragement and inspirations of women’s creations, her deep research work of various books about female writers, and provided the complete information of her recently published ‘America Resident Gujarati Literature and Mother Tongue’. Book. At the same time, she gave a good explanation to the excellent verses of process of poetry, its climax and various forms of poems etc… While referring to Rabindranath Tagore, Khalil Gibran, Ramesh Parekh, Rajendra Shah, the audience of literature was enjoying her expressions and a style of presentation.

The second part of this event was for local poets’ presentation. Devika Dhruva, Pravina Kadakia, Chiman Patel, Shaila Munshaw, Dr. Kamalesh Lulla and Fateh Ali had presented their poetries in Gujarati in front of everyone. Their theme was various like current events, Technology, peace on earth, philosophical and light mode of thoughts etc.. GSS is rich for these activities since last 19 years. They were warmly welcomed by audience.

The third part was again by Dr. Ushabahen’s poetry. She recited her many poems of Geet, Gazal and also of prose version of feelings. Some of the lines of her gujarati poems got non-stop clapping and standing ovation also.

The meaning of the lines (translated) were like this: “the wounds and pain remain with all but it may have special attachment with me as never gone away!! And other one is this: “It may be a rule of world, if you are gold, they let you burn more!! “

At the end, the secretory of the institution, Avani Mehta had given vote of thanks and Sahitya Sarita committee awarded a letter of honor to Dr.Usha Upadhyay, a book of an overview of the organization’s history and also Houston’s Fort bend County Judge Proclamation letter was also awarded. Salute to the GSS committee, all volunteers, sponsor Kirit Bhkta and of course audience.