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Donations Flow as Awareness Spreads of the Genocide of Yezidis

By Jawahar Malhotra HOUSTON: The disclaimer at the beginning of the video clip warned that the images were graphic and disturbing and this steeled people for what was to come. But images played on the screen and the audio description was so powerful that, only minutes into the video, it shook many in the audience […]

Art of Living Leader Raises Funds for Endangered Yezidis

 By Haji Hamika HOUSTON: The spiritual leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, on behalf of International Association of Human Values a sister concern of Art of Living Foundation, traveled to Ebril, Iraq to host the “Protecting Women & Bringing Peace and Stability” conference in conjunction with the Kurdistan Regional Government, on November 19 and 20. During […]

Hindus Help Yezidis Spread Awareness About Genocide of Yezidis

By Achalesh Amar HOUSTON: The Yezidi – Hindu Coalition efforts on raising awareness about the humanitarian crisis faced by Yezidi people in northern Iraq have gained momentum over last three weeks. The group comprises of distinguished members from both Yezidi and Hindu communities in USA and Canada, and has itself has grown from  24 to […]