Art of Living Leader Raises Funds for Endangered Yezidis

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 By Haji Hamika

HOUSTON: The spiritual leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, on behalf of International Association of Human Values a sister concern of Art of Living Foundation, traveled to Ebril, Iraq to host the “Protecting Women & Bringing Peace and Stability” conference in conjunction with the Kurdistan Regional Government, on November 19 and 20. During his visit Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visited the Yezidis refugee camps at Lalish, which is their principal holy site.

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On behalf of IAHV, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar committed to raise funds in the USA and provide humanitarian aid to the refugees in the Yezidi camps. More than 110 tons of relief material including blankets, food and medical aid has been airdropped on Mount Sinjar, after the conclusion of the conference.  The Art of living has been helping provide emotional support and aid to the rescued victims, helping them to integrate back in the society and start a new life.

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Omer Mirza Enez, a Yezidi Community leader from Sinjar Mountain, has been fighting against ISIL since the beginning of ISIL’s attack on Sinjar city on August 3. He said, “the Yezidis are facing the worst genocide of this century, with thousands of Yezidis stranded without food, water or medical supplies and have to rely on scarce supplies which is airdropped by the armed forces. This includes the Yezidis on the top of Sinjar Mountain, and the displaced Yezidis in Refugee camps in Kurdistan Regional Areas.”

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According to one 18 year-old Yezidi fighter, fighting against ISIS in Sinjar city, injured fighters are not getting the required medical attention, and many are losing their limbs due to gangrene. Yezidis are raising their voice in hope that the Governments of various countries and humanitarian organizations will step up to help save the Yezidis from extinction.