Namrita Singh – Mathew Mathew Wedding

Namrita Singh and Mathew Mathew were married in Houston on October 28 at the Gurdwara Sahib of Southwest Houston and a day later at the Holy Rosary Church.

Namrita Singh and Mathew Mathew were married in Houston on October 28 at the Gurdwara Sahib of Southwest Houston and a day later at the Holy Rosary Church.

By Jawahar Malhotra


They met, perchance, at a wedding, which is the one place where busy young professionals have an opportunity to check others out and be introduced to people outside their normal orbit. The notion of six degrees of separation was not only true in their case, but a little persuasion from their friends led to them down the altar four years later.

So when Namrita Singh went to the wedding of one of her closest friends, Anjana, she had no idea that the groom, Sameer’s best friend Mathew Mathew, who had flown in from Chicago, was going to be the one who would captivate her heart. The two hit it off at the wedding, and with a little cajoling from their common friends, were soon calling each other and meeting when they could. It was a tale of two cities, between New York where Namrita lived and worked and Chicago where Mathew grew up and worked.

This past weekend, which was also celebrated as Diwali, the young couple tied the knot at two weddings held in the faiths they grew up in. First at the Gurdwara Sahib of Southwest Houston off Highway 6 on Friday, October 28 where they were married according to the rituals of the Sikh faith of Namrita’s family, with all the gusto of a typical afternoon Punjabi wedding. And then, a day later in the evening of October 29 at the Holy Rosary Church, Midtown on Milam near Louisiana, according to the Christian faith of Mathew’s family.

A wedding reception followed at the Silver Street Studios which was transformed into a lavish dinner and dancing venue for the 460 invited guests. The wedding coordinator was Rathi Menon of Rathi Menon Events; with decor by Nalini from Decor One; food by Dawat Catering and sound, lights and music by DJ Chani.

Namrita Singh, 28, of Houston, graduated from New York University’s Stern School of Business and works for iSoftStone, a digital marketing company, as a consultant to the luxury fashion house Coach in New York. She is the daughter of Bobby Singh, an industrial engineer in private practice who has been in the US since 1973. Her mother, Preeti, is a busy homemaker and community organizer active in several local charities. She has a younger sister, Simrit, 27.

Mathew, 31, was born and raised in the Chicago area and graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He works as a financial engineer with State Street Bank. He is the son of Jude Mathew, an engineer and Dr. Molly Mathew, an anesthesiologist, both of whom hail from Kerela, India. He has a younger sister, Anita, 27.

After a mini-honeymoon in Charleston, North Carolina, the couple plan to make their home in New York City.

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